1900s:  Miscellaneous

Section 1901 Computing

1901.2 Computing Facilities
M1901.2 Access to University Services
M1901.2.1 Mass Email Distribution
1901.3 Information Technology Project Management
M1901.3 Technology Approval
M1901.4 MSU E-Mail System
1901.5 Data Element Dictionary-Data Quality and Integrity

Section 1902 Emergency Notification Systems

M1902 Emergency Notification System

Section 1910 Vehicles

1910.2 Use of State Vehicles

Section 1912 Public Records

M1912.1 Access to and Duplicating of University Documents
M1912.2 Customer Information Safeguarding Program

Section 1913 Tribal College Assistance Grants


Section 1914 Centers of Excellence Applications


Section 1990 Miscellaneous

M1990 Unanticipated University Closings
M1991 Continuity of Academic Instruction for a Pandemic or Emergency
M1992 MSU Employee Athletic Pass Policy
M1993 MSU Football Tailgating Policy
MP1993 Test Proctoring Procedures