800 Series - Financial Affairs

802.6 Budget Management and Control
Use, Transfer and Disposal of Public Property
802.7 Identity Theft Prevention
803.1 Purchasing
M803.1 MSU Credit Card Processing
803.4 Purchasing Cards
804 Equipment and Personal Property Leases
804.1 Tax Exempt Bond Issues and Lease Purchase Financing
805.1 Tuition
805.3 Fees
805.6 Room and Board Charges
806.1 Payment or Reimbursement of Meals and other Travel or Institutional Expenses
806.2 Staff and Faculty Recruitment Expenses
M806.2 Recruiting Expenses
806.3 Moving Expenses
807.1 Mobile Phones and other Mobile Computing Devices; Restrictions on Use of State Phones
M807.1 Mobile Communication Policy
810 Deposit of Funds; Investments; Endowments and Gift Funds
810.1 Appropriated Funds Reserve
812 Legal Representation
820 Waivers and Tuition Assistance
M822 Cultural Diversity Tuition Waiver Policy
M823 International Student Tuition Waiver Policy
M824 Non-Resident Merit Waivers
M825 Comet Tuition Waivers
M826 Comet Proud Waivers
M827 MSU Academic Honor Scholarships
830.1 Student Payment Policy
830.2 Refunds
M830.2 Unofficial Withdrawals Policy
840 Contract Review
M840.1 Contract Review