700s:  Compensation

Section 701 Leaves

701.1 Leave Without Pay
M701.1 Leave Without Pay
701.2 Developmental Leave
M701.2 Faculty/Staff Development Plan
M701.3 Faculty Personal/Annual Leave Policy
M701.4 Permission for Leave of Absence
M701.6 Faculty Funeral Leave Policy
M701.7 Sabbatical Leave Policy

Section 702 Salaries

702.4 Campus Administration of Salary Increase Funds
M702.4 Salary Administration Policy
M702.5 Overtime, Comp Time and Flex Hours
M702.6 Online and Summer Course Compensation Policy

Section 703 Retirement

703.1 Early Retirement
M703.1 Early Retirement Policy
703.2 Benefits
703.3 Retirement
M703.3 Retirement Plans

Section 704 Insurance

M704.1 Health Insurance
M704.2 Life Insurance

Section 705 Perquisites and Other Fringe Benefits

705.1 Executive Compensation

Section 706 Expense Reimbursement

706.1 Board Member and Advisor Per Diem Payments
706.3 Authorization for Travel
M706.3 Travel

Section 707 Severance Pay

M707 Severance Pay