All tuition and fees costs are subject to change.  Mayville State's academic year consists of two semesters.  At Mayville State University, 12+ semester credits enrolled per semester are the same price for on-campus classes, based on a student's residency for tuition purposes. Online Mayville State courses, independent study courses, prior learning assessments, collaborative courses from other NDUS campuses, and courses with delivery modes other than on-campus classes are charged in addition to the full-time tuition and fees cost for 12+ on-campus classes.

All online and distance classes are charged separately at the online/distance tuition and fee rate per credit (regardless of state of residency).  The 12+ semester credit tuition cap does not apply, and online/distance students enrolled in 12 or more semester credits will pay for each semester credit enrolled.

* Amounts listed below are subject to change.

Tuition and Fees 2024-2025
UndergraduateNorth DakotaMinnesota (reciprocity)Contiguous (SD, MT, SK, MB), MHEC (KS, MO, NE, WI, IN, OH), WUE, MN non-reciprocityAustralia, Canada (non-contiguous) and Non-ResidentAll Other International Students
Tuition/Fees (Per Credit) $332.45 $365.03 $400.34 $468.22 $536.10
Tuition/Fees for One Academic Year $7,978.80 $8,760.81 $9,608.22 $11,237.16 $12,866.34
Room Per Academic Year
*Based on Double Room
$3,238.00 $3,238.00 $3,238.00 $3,238.00 $3,238.00
Meal Plan Per Academic Year
*15 meals per week
$4,999.00 $4,999.00 $4,999.00 $4,999.00 $4,999.00
($5,878.00 for 19 meals per week)
Average Total Per Academic Year $16,215.80 $16,997.81 $17,845.22 $19,474.16 $21,103.34
Distance/Online Tuition and Fees 2024-2025
Flat rate regardless of state or country of residency
 General CoursesNursingMSN and Nursing Graduate CertificatesMasters in EducationMasters in TeachingDual Credit*
  Unsubsidized Subsidized
Undergraduate $271.53 $331.99 N/A N/A N/A $148.42 $83.89
Graduate N/A N/A $543.25 $422.78 $422.78 N/A N/A
Student Fees $58.66 $58.66 $42.17 $42.17 $42.17 $5.54 $5.54
Total Per Credit $330.19 $390.65 $585.42 $464.95 $464.95 $153.96 $89.43

* Unsubsidized dual credit courses are taught by MSU faculty. Subsidized dual credit courses are taught by high school qualified instructors.

Net Price Calculator

Tuition and fee estimator 

Technology Fee: Technology fee information

Application Fee: All international and graduate students are subject to a one-time $35 application fee to Mayville State University.

Student Health Fee: Up to $50 fee per term will be assessed to all degree seeking students.

The mandatory student health fee, that was put forward from Student Senate in response to the student body’s request and was recognized and passed by the Mayville State President’s Cabinet, was put into place in recognition that multiple students did not feel that they were being given enough support through health services. With this fee, new resources were provided to both on and off-campus students.

On Campus Students:

  • This fee is to help students have access to Sanford Health onsite, including acute care, health promotion, and other lab testing on campus, along with more private access to a nurse for medical advice. Hours have been enhanced to 40+ per week.
  • Another change was for a full-time licensed counselor for student’s mental health needs. Students may visit in person or virtually during the week to satisfy any mental health needs they have, with some limited options for appointments outside of regular business hours.

* For further information on Room & Board, see your Housing Portal.

Off Campus Students:

  • This fee is to help students have access to telehealth options via Sanford through our Campus Health Services, free consultations and referrals to the student’s local providers and health promotion opportunities. 
  • Counseling services will also be available to off-campus students to communicate with for any of their mental health care needs. Free telehealth appointments with a licensed mental health provider are available for students within the state of North Dakota. Free consultations and referrals are available for all online students.

For questions regarding tuition and fees please email: