Center for Teaching and Learning

The Center for Teaching and Learning was established in July of 2021. The Center houses instructional design, academic technology support, online student services and professional development. The CTL is an academic support center providing resources to support on-campus and online teaching and learning at MSU. 

Services Provided

  • One-on-one or group sessions on any topic needed
  • Syllabus composition and template help
  • Assistance with writing course objectives 
  • Help making learning activities engaging and ensuring that they are aligned with learning objectives
  • Assessment design and development- it’s not always easy to develop assessment that truly measures what needs to be measured – we can help!
  • Making your courses more accessible – using Bb Ally and Accessibility tools in MS products, we can help you make every course more accessible to students of all abilities.
  • Assistance with integrating specific instructional technologies into your course, like VoiceThread and Zoom.
  • Assistance with credit hour analysis – Are your students complaining that your course is too much work or that you have too much busy work?
  • Review your documents such as syllabi, assignments, and/or rubrics. A second set of eyes on any document can help find errors.
  • Planning to move a course online? We can provide guidance for setting up fully online, asynchronous classes as well as synchronous remote classes with Zoom.
  • Course mapping – a course map outlines how the objectives, assessments and instruction in your course aligns. It’s a great way to build a course, and it’s a great way to redesign and re-organize a course.

Professional Development Opportunities

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Accessible Comet Courses Badge Program

Accessible Comet Courses Badge Program

  • GAAD – Global Accessibility Awareness Day – May 19, 2022 – Participation in Fix Your Content Day, an event hosted by Blackboard Ally and attended by several NDUS institutions.

Advancing Education at MSU Initiative

Advancing Education at MSU Mini-Grant Information