900s:  Facilities

Section 901 Campus Planning and Facilities Management


Section 902 Construction Process

902.0 Definitions
902.1 Construction Process - Legislative Approval; List of Funding Requests
902.3 Requests for Construction, Renovation & Remodeling; Change Orders; Changes in Project Scope or Size
902.5 Construction Process - Architects, Engineers and Construction Managers
MP902.5 Vendor Selection Guidelines
902.11 Fire and Tornado Coverage
902.12 Building Name

Section 903 Sale or Removal of Buildings


Section 905 Special Assessments


Section 906 Emergency Preparedness and Management; Continuity of Operations; Security

M906 Crisis Response Protocol

Section 907 Building Plaques


Section 908 Financing Through Revenue Bonds


Section 909 Real Property Leases


Section 910 Transfer of Real Property

910.1 Development of State Land

Section 914 Easements


Section 916 Campus Security

M916 Campus Security Cameras
916.1 Possession of a Firearm or Dangerous Weapon in a Campus Residence
M916.1 Campus Crime and Security Act Provisions

Section 917 Smoke-Free Facilities

M917 Tobacco Free Campus

Section 918 Alcoholic Beverages

M918 Alcohol and Controlled Substances

Section 990 Miscellaneous

M990 Loitering and Trespassing Policy
M991 Solicitation, Distribution, and Posting
MP991 Posting of Materials
M992 Possession or Use of Weapons on Campus
M993 Use of Service and Assistance Animals