300 Series - Governance and Organization

301.1 Organization & Titles of Institutions Governed by the State Board of Higher Education
302.1 Academic and Student Affairs Committee
M302.1.A Graduate Studies: Academic Standards Subcommittee
302.2 Audit Committee
302.3 Budget and Finance Committee
302.4 Councils
302.7 Research and Governance Committee
302.9 Faculty and Staff Advisors
303.1 SBHE Meetings and Agendas
303.2 NDUS Strategic Plan and Objectives; Institution Strategic Plans
304.1 Chancellor/Commissioner of Higher Education Authority and Responsibilities; Contract Term
305.1 Institution Presidents' Authority and Responsibilities; Contract Terms
M305.1 The President
M305.1A President's Cabinet
M305.1B Vice President for Academic Affairs
M305.1C Dean of Student Affairs
M305.1D Vice President for Business Affairs
M305.1E Athletic Director
M305.1F Executive Foundation Director
M305.1G Executive Director of Enrollment Management
306 Compliance Officer Charter
306.2 Internal Audit Charter
307.1 Institutional Organization Notice and Approval
307.3 Affiliate Campus Governance and Organization
308.1 Officer and Employee Code of Conduct
M308.1 Employee Code of Conduct
308.2 Required Reports of Violations; Reprisal or Retaliation Prohibited
308.3 Political Activities
308.4 Conflict of Interest
310.1 Board Member Responsibilities
310.2 Board Officers; Officer Responsibilities; Elections
311 Public Records
330 Policy Introduction, Amendment, Passage
331 Approval of College University Constitutions by the Board
340.1 State Forester
340.2 Nonprofit Affiliates
M340.2 MSU and MSU Foundation
350.1 State Board of Agricultural Research and Education
350.2 Work Force Training Boards
350.3 School of Medicine and Health Sciences Advisory Board: Reports
M369 Academic and Co-Curricular Assessment Committee
M370 Enrollment Management Committee
M371 Student Retention Committee
M372 Student Affairs Committee
M373 Student Activity Fee Finance Committee
M374 Student Publications Board
M375 Residence Hall Food Service Committee
M376 Substance Abuse Prevention Committee
M377 Diversity Committee
M378 Strategic Planning Committee
M379 Title IX Advisory Committee
M380 Teaching and Learning Committee
M381 Technology Planning Committee
M382 Essential Studies Committee
M384 Learner Accessibility Committee
M385 Conflict of Interest Committee
M386 Financial Aid and Scholarship Committee
M387 Institutional Accreditation Committee
M388  Institutional Data Management Committee
M389 Wellness Program