Thank you for your interest in employment and jobs at Mayville State University. Positions currently open are listed below. Click on a listing to see details about the position and specific directions for the application process.

Please complete the MSU Employment Application to apply for any of the open university positions.

For assistance or accommodations during the interview or application process, call at 1-800-437-4104, ext. 34647 or 1-800-366-6888 (TTY Relay ND).

Employment Opportunities

Employment 0000 BAND Executive Administrative

Employment 1000 BAND Administrative Managerial

None currently available

Employment 2000 BAND Academic

Employment 3000 BAND Professional

Employment 4000 BAND Technical and Paraprofessional

Employment 5000 BAND Office Support

None currently available

Employment 6000 BAND Crafts Trades

None currently available

Employment 7000 BAND Services

None currently available

Employment 8000 BAND Student Employment Non Broadbanded

None currently available

Employment 9000 BAND Temporary Employment Non Broadbanded

None currently available

Employment Child Development Program

What’s important for my students is having the chance to advance their careers through research opportunities. They might not get or have access to those at other institutions. They can present their work at local, regional, and international levels. Imagine that scope!

- Dr. Joseph Mehus