On Mayville State’s campus, students receive the attention and direction that they expect and deserve from their instructors. There’s an instructor for every 13 students on Mayville State’s campus. On larger campuses in the region, the student-to-faculty ratio can be as high as 18:1, with lectures on campus holding up to 200 students. At MSU, our classes rarely exceed 40 students, we can provide the personal service our school stands by.    

We Stand By Our Personal Service.
"Mayville is unique because of the relationships faculty is able to have with students, and the personal service we’re able to offer due to class and campus size. We work in tandem, often guiding them toward their careers and helping them achieve related goals. It’s that commitment faculty and staff gives to our students that make a difference in the outcome of when students graduate and leave our university for the workforce – both in North Dakota and this overall region."
- Andi Dulski-Bucholz 
Dean & Division Chair of Education

More Focus On You = More Opportunities
“I work as a laboratory assistant in one of the research labs on campus. At a bigger school, I don’t think I would have had that opportunity because of the sheer volume of students enrolled. I probably would be working somewhere completely unrelated to what I am interested in. I have also gotten the opportunity to really get to know my professors and become comfortable with them, due to smaller class sizes and having many of the same instructors for classes.”
 - Katelyn Ogburn, Class of 2017

From average class sizes of 15 to the town that supports its beloved college, MSU is a welcoming, close-knit community that instantly feels like home for its people. Everyone is someone at Mayville State, and our goal of committing to individualized personal service and institutional stewardship is carried out in a variety of ways throughout campus.


At MSU, we are proud to offer students a wide range not only of academic programs, but clubs, organizations, athletics, and fine arts as well. We want students’ lives after graduation to be supported and prepared for during their tenures at Mayville State. And, life is busy. Encouraging our students to be involved with as much (or as little) as they desire during their education is something faculty and staff work collaboratively on to ensure student success and satisfaction.

MSU was founded as a Teaching College, and our dedication to creating leaders both academically and in other fields only increases over time. We are not limited by our intimate campus or community size, if anything our students benefit from our size. With an instructor ratio of 13:1 students have personalized access to their professors and faculty. They’re able to work in collaborative, engaging classrooms that promote unity and inclusion. The opportunities for research and service experience are monumental for our students seeking enrichment beyond the classroom. Mayville State University: small but mighty.

What Sets Us Apart

Why Students Choose Mayville State University
Students choose Mayville State University because we are eager to help students achieve their educational, professional, and personal goals at an extremely affordable price. Combined with faculty and staff focused on student success, students grow socially, academically, and culturally, preparing them for their future success. Our tradition of personal service, commitment to technology-enriched education, and dynamic learning relationships with community, employers, and society mean that a Mayville State University education extends far beyond the classroom to various undergraduate research, internship, entrepreneurial, and global experiences for our students. The cornerstone of our academic programs and outreach efforts is a diverse campus community made up of nearly 1,200 students from all over the country and across the globe. On our safe and cozy campus,  students form life-long friendships, make lasting memories, and receive the education they deserve.


Demonstrated Success. Exceptional Value.
According to the North Dakota University System Fee Estimator, Mayville State University is priced, on average, $4,367/year lower than the larger universities in our region. Among these colleges and universities that claim similar outcomes relative to graduate and professional school admission and job placement, Mayville State provides exceptional academic quality and great value.

Quality, Flexible Options

Complete courses online as a part-time or full-time student by enrolling for fall, spring, or summer semesters. Admission deadlines are rolling, but early application is encouraged for transfer students to allow sufficient time for transfer evaluations to be completed. Federal financial aid is available for degree-seeking students enrolled in six or more credits per semester. Mayville State online classes are $314.65 per credit hour for tuition and fees. 

Mayville State University accepts transfer credit from regionally recognized accredited institutions of postsecondary education. All credit hours earned from the institutions that meet this criterion are accepted in transfer toward graduation degree credit hours.