Distance and Online FAQs

See the MSU Distance Student Handbook for any questions not listed below.


How do online classes work?

Online learning allows you to study whenever and wherever it's most convenient for you. This format provides a great deal of flexibility to balance work and family demands.

Getting your degree online involves interaction with instructors and classmates online, rather than attending class on-campus. Many classes will follow a scheduled weekly structure with weekly due dates. Online classes are not self-paced. All online classes can be found in Blackboard Learn, Mayville State's course management system. 

Who teaches the online and distance classes?

Classes are taught by Mayville State University faculty members who have advanced degrees and are committed to quality teaching.

Is there an orientation for new online students?

Yes, there is an optional New Comet Orientation for new degree-seeking students.  Additionally, the Blackboard Student Orientation is provided to all students enrolled in at least one course with Mayville State University.  Every student will be enrolled and have access to the Blackboard Student Orientation at least two weeks prior to the start of each semester.  To access the orientations, login to Blackboard and find your course list.

What is Blackboard and how does it work?

Blackboard (Bb) is the course management system. This is where you will log in to view your courses, see your assignments, submit assignments, etc. We offer an optional Student Orientation which allows you to practice submitting assignments and familiarize yourself with how Blackboard works.

These instructions will assist you to log in to Blackboard.

During business hours, contact Robert Davis or the MSU Service Desk for Blackboard assistance at service.desk@mayvillestate.edu or 800-437-4104, ext. 34739. There is also a Help button available for live, 24/7 help.

What online and distance courses does Mayville State offer?

You can find the current online and distance course schedule online. You can also find online course rotations and fact-sheets listed under Distance Degrees Offered. If you have questions about when an online course will be offered, please call 800-437-4104, ext. 34631.

How much does an online or distance course from Mayville State University cost?

For the 2023-2024 academic year, tuition and fees for distance and online courses is $337.25/semester hour credit.  This tuition and fee rate is the same for in-state and out-of-state students. RN to BSN courses and graduate courses are priced differently. Complete tuition and fee information is available at the MSU Business Office website.

Is financial aid available?

Degree seeking students are eligible for federal financial aid. For more information, see the Financial Aid webpages.

Will I have to be admitted to Mayville State to take online or distance courses?

Anyone taking a course from Mayville State must be admitted either as a degree seeking or non-degree seeking student. A one-time $35 application fee is required. To get started with the application process, click here.

Will my previous course work from another university transfer to Mayville State?

Yes, previous course work can be used toward a Mayville State online or distance degree as long as the course work is from an accredited college or university. Transfer credits do not "expire" and coursework completed 10, 20, or more years ago will transfer as long as the college or university was accredited. For further information about transferring, click here or contact Online Advisor Connie Kaldor at 1-800-437-4104, ext. 34721.

Will the credits I receive from Mayville State online classes transfer to another college or university?

Transfer of credit is always up to the receiving institution. However, during your discussion with the institution about transferring credits, you can inform the institution that Mayville State University is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission and is a member of the North Central Association.

Are the college credits earned in the Mayville State online degree programs equivalent to those earned at a traditional university?

Yes. Transcripts do not reflect the delivery method of the course, only the credit hours earned. The objectives and outcomes of online courses are the same as those of an on-campus class.

When do courses start?

Most Mayville State online and distance courses follow the regular semester schedule. See our Academic Calendar for specific dates.

Do I have to live in North Dakota to take Mayville State University online or distance courses?

You do not have to live in North Dakota to take online courses. Online, synchronous courses required students to join classes at scheduled class times (Central time), via Zoom desktop conferencing from one's personal or laptop computer.  Non-resident students pay the same online tuition and fees as North Dakota residents.  Some online programs may not be available to students living outside the United States and Canada.

How do I use the library from a distance?

If you would like to access books and other resources from the Mayville State University Library, your Mayville State University ID card serves as your library card. If you did not receive a Mayville State University ID card, you can submit the Campus ID Request Form.  You will be required to submit a recent "headshot" picture. 

What if I need assistance while pursuing my degree?

Please contact the Center for Teaching and Learning at 800-437-4104, Ext.  34645, with any general questions you may have about being an online or distance student. If you are a degree seeking student, you are strongly encouraged to work with your advisor when selecting courses each semester.

What do I do if I need to drop a class?

1. Please note: You cannot drop a course in Campus Connection on your own after classes have started.

2. Talk to your advisor.

3. After talking to your advisor, go to: https://mayvillestate.edu/academics/academic-records/.

4. Click on “DROPPING & WITHDRAWING” from the blue menu to the right.

5. Carefully read through the information provided there BEFORE you submit a drop request or withdrawal form to make sure you are following the correct steps for what you need to do and understand the effects of your decisionYou must formally drop/withdraw from classes you no longer want by submitting requested changes according to these instructions. Simply not participating or not paying your student fees does not show an intent to drop a class.

6. Tuition and fee refunds follow the policies of the North Dakota University System and can be found here


To get a student ID card, you will need to submit the Campus ID Request Form.  You will be required to submit a recent "headshot" picture. Additional information on how to add and use funds with your Campus ID can be found on the Campus ID webpage and by reviewing our Campus ID information for online students.

What is a proctor, and how do I know if I need one?

A proctor is an individual approved to supervise test taking. A proctor is someone who you take your exams with to ensure that you are not cheating. Many online instructors require proctors to ensure academic honesty. Your instructor will inform you if he or she requires a proctor, ProctorU, or Yuja Proctoring.   

ProctorU Instructions

What are the technology requirements to be an online student?

To complete online courses, you will need regular access to a computer and internet. High speed internet access is highly recommended for all courses and is required for some courses.

Please review the Technology Requirements for students attending Mayville State.

Microsoft Office 365 is available to all Mayville State students at no additional cost to the student.  You must first be registered as a student to have access.  Office includes Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, and more. To get started with this suite of programs, follow these Microsoft Office download instructions. You will also learn how to access other self-help articles.

How do I know if distance education is right for me?

Distance Education can be a convenient way to earn your degree without leaving your job or hometown. Online courses do, however, require a great deal of self-discipline and motivation. You need to be able to consistently set aside enough time each week for studying and assignments. You will also need to be somewhat familiar with using a computer.

How much time should I plan to devote each week to an online class?

This depends on the class and how familiar you are with the subject. Generally you can plan to spend around 3 hours/week per credit. So, you would typically want to set aside around 9 hours a week for a 3-credit course. Additionally, you should plan to log into Blackboard (LMS) at least three-five different days per week to make sure you are staying on track with course assignments and deadlines.

Do I have a Mayville State University email account?

Yes, all students are issued a Mayville State University email account. Please be sure to check your Mayville State email account at least three times per week.  All official communication from university departments such as financial aid, business office, academic records, etc., and instructors goes to your MSU email.  Click here for instructions on accessing your MSU email account. For added security, you may be required to install DUO Mobile for authentication when accessing your account.

How do I purchase books and materials for my class?

You can order your books online from Mayville State's bookstore. If you are in the Mayville area, you can also pick up books for your online classes at the Mayville State Bookstore.

When do I pay my tuition and fees?

Tuition and fees are to be paid by approximately the third week of classes each term. Students may be removed from classes for non-payment of tuition and fees. Student payment plans and financial aid should be in place by the third week of classes. For more information on payment dates, see the Business Office's webpage.

What is Notifind?

NotiFind is the emergency notification system used by all 11 North Dakota University System colleges and universities to provide timely information and instructions directly to students, faculty, staff and others during emergencies or urgent situations. The State Board of Higher Education requires employee and student participation in NotiFind. Students are automatically enrolled in NotiFind after completion of the admission process. In an emergency situation, important information and instructions will be sent out via email, text and landline or cell phone voicemail.

How do I request an official transcript?

To request a transcript from Mayville State University, please visit the Transcript Request Page

What is the Financial Obligation Agreement hold?

You must complete the student Financial Obligation Agreement each semester prior to registering for classes.  Please review this set of instructions for more information.

Other questions or concerns? Please contact the Center for Teaching and Learning at 800-437-4104, Ext.  34645, or CTL@mayvillestate.edu.