Class Attendance and Participation

At Mayville State University, student attendance and participation are very important elements of university success. The instructor will inform students of attendance expectations, participation, and grading policy. Students incurring an absence are expected to notify an instructor as soon as possible and are responsible for completing all assigned academic work. Faculty members will determine whether or not the student is excused from class or will be allowed to make up missed coursework. If an appropriate arrangement to make up missed coursework cannot be made between the student and instructor, an appeal can be made to the academic division chair. Faculty should consider their attendance policy for students representing Mayville State University in approved inter-collegiate athletic, music, theatrical, or other events.

All faculty members are required to complete an enrollment verification for each course taught accordingly:

  • 16 WEEK Session (fall/spring): After tenth full day of instruction
  • 5WK Session (fall/spring): After first full day of instruction
  • Mini Session (summer): After first full day of instruction
  • 4WK1 Session (summer): After first full day of instruction
  • 4WK2 Session (summer): After first full day of instruction
  • 6WK 1 Regular Session (summer): After second full day of instruction
  • 8WK1 Session (summer): After second full day of instruction
  • 10WK1 Session (summer): After third full day of instruction

For on-campus courses, enrollment verification means that a student has attended that specific course. For online courses, enrollment verification means that the student has logged into the Learning Management System and has participated in a discussion; completed an assignment, quiz, or test; or has e-mailed the instructor regarding the course.

By the fifth full day of instruction for 16-week classes (see University Calendar), if a student has not had enrollment verified for a course, the student may be administratively removed from the course. The Office of Academic Records will e-mail the student and advisor notifying them of the course removal from the student’s schedule. If the student wishes to re-enroll in the course, prior approval must be secured from the instructor of the course, the division chair overseeing the course, and the academic advisor. Appeals for administrative drops are handled by the academic division chair overseeing the course.

A student's lack of attendance in a course does not guarantee automatic cancellation of enrollment in the course. Each student is responsible for courses on the study list (class schedule). Only a properly processed "drop" through ConnectND Campus Connection will assure the student that a course has been removed from the study list (class schedule).

ConnectND Campus Connection will not allow a student to drop all coursework for the term. Students wishing to make a complete withdrawal for the term should contact the Mayville State University Office of Admissions at 701-788-4842 in CB 107 by the end of the 12th week of the term.