Student Life is here for you. Our services and program really address our two primary missions:
            Helping Students to be Successful
            Developing Community and Fostering Student Involvement

Students will interact with Student Life in some very basic ways – selecting your residence hall room, asking questions about your dining plan, getting your Campus ID and the swipe-card access that comes with it.

Students may interact with Student Life to get additional assistance or to resolve a problem – help with managing relationships, addressing a rule violation, seeking help for a friend who is thinking about self-harm or struggling with food or other issues. The University manages a CARE Team that works with students who need a little help identifying a plan for mitigating personal issues that affect their ability to be successful. We want students to interact with Student Life through their involvement in Student Organizations and through Intramurals. More than half of students enrolled in on-campus classes will participate in either intramurals or student organizations.

These events are fun designed to help connect you with other students. Regular craft nights or board game nights or movie nights give you welcome breaks in your calendar and, for many students, help them start down a path of leadership development. Student Life is committed to facilitating student learning and the development of the whole student while cultivating a diverse and inclusive campus community. Through our programs, services, facilities, and partnerships, we provide opportunities for students' growth and a rewarding educational experience.

See Core Work and Values of Student Life

    What’s life like here? Try it out!

    As you begin the process of figuring out what you want to do for the rest of your life, we can't encourage you enough to take a campus visit. It's the single best way to see what life is really like in college: what it means to live in the residence hall, how far it is to the library, how classes are structured, and how to connect with the professors who will connect you to your professional life.

    Look at more than facts and figures and a few online photos when choosing your university; take a close look at the campus community, as well. Mayville State offers students a renowned educational program with the opportunity to meet outgoing, caring peers and mentors.