College isn't supposed to be easy, but that doesn't mean you can't get help.

As the center of campus life, the Office of Student Services is an integral part of Mayville State University and your college career. We offer a variety of student resources including programs, services, and facilities that give you the chance to interact with and to learn from your campus community. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the services that are available and who can assist you in a variety of areas.


Mayville State has three comfortably modern residence halls: Agassiz Hall, Birkelo Hall, and Berg Hall. Family housing is also available. Requests for housing or questions concerning our residences should be addressed to the Director of Student Life.

Dining Services

Mayville State University Dining Services are open daily in the Emil Seim Dining Center and Comets Landing snack bar. During fall and spring semesters, brunch and dinner are available Monday through Sunday. Comets Landing snack bar is open Monday through Friday during the school year.

Child Development Programs

Mayville State University's Child Development Programs (CDP) provide the foundation for meeting two general goals: to provide comprehensive services for children ages six weeks to twelve years and their families, and to provide a quality learning environment for Mayville State University students.

Comprehensive Head Start, Early Head Start, Pre-K and Child Care services are provided to children and their families across a five-county service area in eastern North Dakota. The CDP provides a hands-on training environment conducive to the needs of students pursuing degrees in elementary education and early childhood.

Student Life

MSU's Office of Student Life organizes a wide variety of social and recreational programs each year. Acting as a clearinghouse for all campus programs, the Office of Student Life works with the Student Activities Council (SAC) and all campus organizations on the development, organization and implementation of student activities.

New Student Orientation

University faculty and staff provide a comprehensive orientation program for all new students, each of whom have the opportunity to participate in a special pre-registration program during the summer and prior to beginning of the fall term classes. They can take part in planned orientation functions that include campus familiarization, academic advising, placement testing, early registration, housing assignments, and a variety of social activities.

Academic Advising

When an applicant has completed all requirements for admission to the university, he or she will be assigned an advisor who will assist in choosing classes. The courses selected must follow the outline for the curriculum chosen, except for such changes as the advisor may approve. If the student has previously attended MSU or another institution of higher education, he or she must present to the advisor a complete record of the work completed so appropriate advising can occur.

First-Year Experience and Learning Communities

First-year freshmen are required to enroll in the First-Year Experience course – the UNIV 100 Seminar on Success (SOS). This class gives freshmen the opportunity to connect with other new students entering Mayville State, helping them acclimate to the campus and community.

Student Success Services

  • Developmental Instruction

College isn’t like high school, and some students need assistance in developing the skills that promote successful college performance. These students can take courses in developmental math and English, which are designed to help them prepare for college-level work.

Academic support services are available to any student who would like to enhance his or her academic experience. Services include peer tutoring, traditional study groups, computerized assisted instruction, assistance in effective study strategies, writing support, and supplemental instruction.

Appropriate accommodations and disability-related services are available to students with documented disabilities. Students wishing to request services from DSS must register in Classroom Building 108D.

College students face a whole host of new situations and decisions in their lives, and in some cases, they need help learning to effectively deal with specific problem areas. Assistance is provided in areas such as personal development, coping with conflict, improving self-understanding and interpersonal relationships, time management, and developing realistic career plans. Referrals to off-campus professional counseling services are available as needed.

The writing center helps students of any skill level learn how to think critically and organize their writing. This includes support with paragraphing, editing, documentation, and any other areas that will help students improve their writing. 

We offer FREE appointments for all students focused on

  • Understanding your assignment
  • Brainstorming
  • Clarifying ideas
  • Incorporating research
  • Proofreading
  • Correctly using MLA, APA, etc.

We offer three appointment types:

  • "Face-to-Face" appointments meet in person with a writing center consultant at the scheduled appointment time in the MSU Library. Face coverings are required for face-to-face appointments. 
  • "Video-Chat Online" appointments meet online at the scheduled appointment time and are done in real time anywhere with a solid internet connection. You can use WC Online video-chat software or Zoom; provide a Zoom link if that is your preference.
  • "E-mail Feedback" appointments will provide you with written feedback within 24 hours of making the appointment.

Please upload your draft and class assignment ahead of all appointments.

You can make appointments by registering and logging into our online scheduler.

Career Development

  • Career Services

The Career Services office is a resource that helps students make informed and responsible career decisions in a labor market impacted by economic, demographic, and technological change. Staff members assist students with job-seeking skills, including cover letter and resume development, interview techniques, networking strategies, career fair preparation, and job-searching strategies. Graduates and alumni can also receive help when it comes to finding appropriate and satisfying employment.

  • Internship

The MSU Internship Program provides all students in all majors with the opportunity to work in a field related to his or her academic major—offering academic credit, résumé-enhancing work experience, and a salary. Internships cover a wide range of experiences, including employment in private industry, governmental agencies, and non-profit organizations. An internship benefits students by providing the opportunity to explore career options and career-related experiences before having to look for a job.

  • Student Employment

Student employment is listed on the MSU Employment webpage.  The Career Services office can assist with finding local job opportunities.  Handshake is also available for students to search for local, regional, and national jobs. 


The Bookstore, located in the MSU Campus Center, provides all required course materials; printed and electronic-access textbooks; general interest books; imprinted sportswear and gifts; supplies and electronic accessories; plus items for your residence hall or apartment. Commencement regalia and other graduation items for both students and faculty are also available.

Library Services

Mayville State's Byrnes-Quanbeck Library has a collection of more than 70,000 items along with access to a variety of subscription databases and electronic resources proving library materials and services to both online and on-campus students.

Student Health Center

The University runs a Student Health Center to assist with routine medical problems. Students may obtain consultations, as well as care for minor ailments and various other wellness-related services. Uninsured students are entitled to one free office call (for illness only) per year at the Mayville Sanford Health Center.

Veterans Education Counseling Services

Mayville State University works closely with the Veterans Administration in providing education opportunities for discharged veterans. Veterans will be admitted to the University upon the completion of entrance requirements, national test results, or by enrolling as special students. Every effort is made to help returning students. If veteran educational benefits are not sufficient to meet attendance costs, the Financial Aid Office may make arrangements to cover needed expenses through various grants, loans, scholarships, or student employment.

Vocational Rehabilitation

Eligibility for vocational rehab is based on a diagnosed disability, either physical or mental, that constitutes a substantial handicap to employment plus a determination that the individual can benefit from vocational rehabilitation services. For additional information, or for a reference to the area Vocational Rehabilitation Office, contact Academic Support Services in Classroom Building 108.

Academic Records

The Office of Academic Records maintains permanent academic records for the University, provides academic transcripts upon written request, and conducts all registration and drop/add procedures for students.

I love the small classroom feel and comfort. The transition from high school to college was more manageable on this scale. I’m a biology major, and I play baseball. I’ve found an unbreakable team bond and lifelong friends here.

- Brady Nygaard