Getting Started With Your Online Classes

Background Knowledge

To take online courses through Mayville State, you should be familiar with the following:

  • Basic operation of a computer.

  • An Internet browser such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, or Microsoft Edge.

  • Sending and receiving e-mails.

  • Microsoft Word.

  • Access to Computers and the Internet

To complete online courses, you will need regular access to a computer and internet access. High speed internet access is highly recommended for all courses and is required for most courses. iPads and Chromebooks or devices running Chrome OS do not meet the minimum technology requirements.  You must have access to a personal computer.

Please note that the lack of access to a reliable computer, reliable high-speed interent connection, or required technology or software for your MSU online classes is NOT an excuse for submitting late work, or requesting extended exam timeframes, or starting courses late in the semester.  Please be sure you are prepared for the technology demands of online course enrollment at the start of the academic semester.

Computer Minimum Requirements

Please review the Technology Requirements for students attending Mayville State.

Software Requirements

  • PC with Windows 8 or newer; Mac users must have at least Mac OS X version 10.10 or newer (and certain courses may require Mac users to purchase additional software).

  • A web browser, such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, or Edge.

  • Microsoft Office 2016, which is available to all Mayville State students.  You must first be registered as a student to have access.  Office includes Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, and more.  See the following link for more information.

Software Downloads:

Microsoft Office 365


Flash Player Download

Adobe Reader Download

Internet Access

Distance learners must secure their own Internet Service. Consult local listings for Internet Service Providers. 

Minimum Requirement: 1 Mbps or higher (achieved via DSL, Cable service, or wireless services)

Instructional Technology Support

Mayville State provides technical support and assistance with Moodle, Tegrity, or any other instructional technology.

Individual Requirements:

  • A willingness to interact with instructors and other students via e-mail.

  • The ability to work from written directions.

  • A time commitment equivalent to taking an on-campus course.

  • The capability of expressing yourself in writing.

Proctor Requirements

Many online instructors require proctored exams and/or quizzes. A proctor is someone who you take your exams with to ensure that you are not cheating. If required, you will be notified of the need to submit a proctor for approval prior to the start of the semester. It is critical that you submit your proctor for approval at least 10 days prior to the first exam. Click here to access the online proctor form. To change your proctor, click here and submit the change in proctor at least 10 days prior to your exam.  Please see this tutorial for instructions on submitting a proctor for approval.

Proctor Criteria

In order to be approved as a proctor, a proctor must be a disinterested professional with a valid business office, business telephone, and business email address (Yahoo and Hotmail addresses are not acceptable). Some examples are:

  • A superintendent, principal or counselor at a public school

  • A high school or elementary teacher

  • A college or university administrator, dean, department chair, registrar or faculty member

  • A professional staff member at a college or university

  • A certified librarian

  • A civil service examiner

  • A judge of a court of law

  • A human resource director or employee development coordinator

  • A military officer or non-commissioned officer of a higher rank

  • A law enforcement officer

A proctor must NOT be:

  • A friend, significant other, or relative of the student

  • Someone enrolled in the course

  • Someone living at the same address as the student

  • Another undergraduate student, including work study students in a campus office, library, or tutoring center

For more information regarding proctors, please call 701-788-4667 or 1-800-437-4104 ext. 34667, or email

Your proctor must have reliable Internet access. You may use your personal laptop computer to take an exam at your proctor's place of business. Please note you are not allowed to take your exams in your home or your proctor's private home or residence. You must take your exam at a professional office, school, college or university, library or other business or public institution.

Sometimes public libraries and other proctoring/testing sites will not have Firefox installed on their computers and they may not allow you to download it to their computers. If this is the case, you do have the option to use Portable Firefox. Portable Firefox is installed onto a USB drive and runs from there so that there is no actual download onto the site's computers. Please check with your proctoring/testing site to find out whether you can use this.

To use Portable Firefox:

For more information regarding proctors, please contact 701-788-4667 or 1-800-437-4104 ext. 34667, or email

Important Dates: Add, Drop and Withdrawal Information

Follow these instructions to complete the Financial Obligation Agreement.  Once that is completed each semester, you can follow these instructions to register for class.  Please be sure to speak with your academic advisor before registering for classes.

Online classes are NOT self-paced. They follow the same Academic Calendar as regular on-campus classes so students should log into class the first day of the semester so instructors know they are "attending." It is crucial that you log into your classes regularly in Moodle to keep up with assignments and any updates or announcements posted by instructors.

If you decide not to continue with your online course, you must contact the Office of Extended Learning immediately to officially withdraw.

IMPORTANT--You will be responsible for total tuition and fees due, unless you take the steps necessary to officially drop classes by the established drop dates.  You MUST officially withdraw.  Complete refunds (100%) for dropped classes are only available in the first 10 days of the term.  After the 100% refund period, an individual class that is dropped will NOT receive a refund.  Total withdrawal from all Mayville State classes will follow the tuition refund schedule. Please see a complete schedule of tuition refund dates on the Business Office webpage


MSU Bookstore

How do I purchase books and materials for my online or distance classes?

To purchase books and materials you may visit the MSU Bookstore website at

Click on "Online/Distance" and proceed with ordering your books. If you are new to the MSU Bookstore website, you will need to create a profile before you order. If you have any questions, please contact the MSU Bookstore at 800-437-4104, Ext.  34823 or

Distance Student Orientation

For Current Students:

MSU online and distance students will be automatically enrolled in the Distance Student Orientation so it will be in your "My Courses" list automatically in Moodle. If you have any trouble logging in, please contact Sheena Moe at

The MSU Distance Student Orientation

  • is optional.

  • was designed for distance and online students to ease the transition into online learning.

  • provides information, resources, and tutorials.

  • helps students be successful in their online coursework or programs.

  • familiarizes students with Moodle, MSU's online learning management system.

This orientation will help you:

  • ensure your computer is adequate for online learning.

  • determine whether your learning style matches those required to be online learners.

  • become acquainted with how to log on and use Moodle.

  • discover the various assistance options available to you as a distance student.

  • find the Distance Student Handbook, Academic Catalog, and other important documents you may need while you are a Mayville State Online and Distance student.

For Prospective Students:

Prospective students will be able to work through the Distance Student Orientation by going to

1.      Scroll down and click on the course MASU DSO 100 – Distance Student Orientation

2.      This will bring you to the login screen. Click Log in as a guest

3.      Work your way through the orientation and materials.

4.      If you have problems, contact Sheena Moe at 


Email Required

As a Mayville State student, you will be given an official Mayville State email account. It is critical that you are able to frequently access your Mayville State email. Important information about your admission, registration, financial aid, and more will be sent ONLY through your Mayville State email account.  Faculty members expect you will communicate ONLY with your Mayville State email address regarding questions about your online classes.  Please see this tutorial for instructions on logging into your MSU email.

However, you may also receive online class login information and other important information as a new student at the email address you used when applying for admission or registering for courses. Be sure the email account you are using accepts email from Mayville State and be sure to check both your Inbox and Trash/Junk mailboxes in your email account for important email from Mayville State. This is especially important to do prior to the start of an academic term.


Moodle is our online course management system. This is where you will log in to view your courses, see your assignments, submit assignments, etc. If you have a problem accessing your courses or have any other technical questions, please contact Sheena Moe at 

Your Moodle Username and Password will match your NDUS User ID and Password. If you have not claimed your NDUS account, you must do so before you will be able to login to Moodle. If you have trouble, please contact Sheena Moe at 

To access Moodle, bookmark the following page: For the best results, use Mozilla Firefox as your internet browser each time you login.

To download Mozilla Firefox at no cost, go to:


Moodle Login and Password

Moodle usernames are based on the NDUS User ID that you were given in the account claim process. Likewise, your Password will be the same as the one you created in the final step of this claim process. Below is an example:

NDUS User ID: joe.smith.2
Moodle Username: joe.smith.2

NDUS Password: Comets2011
Moodle Password: Comets2011

Once you are logged in, simply hover over the "My Courses" heading on the blue title bar. All of the courses you are enrolled in will be listed. To go to the course page, click on the name of the course in that list.

Check your user profile when using Moodle for the first time. To review your profile, login to Moodle and click on your name in the upper right corner.

Check your email address by clicking the "Edit Profile" tab at the top of the screen. It is recommended that you update your email address to your Mayville State University email address so that you receive all important course information in one place.

Remember to save all changes prior to exiting.  Click here to see instructions on getting started with Moodle.

Student ID Cards

To get a student ID card, send an email from your Mayville State email account to or  call 701-788-4667.  Include your Student ID#, mailing address AND a recent ‘headshot’ picture.

Starfish Early Alert System

What is Starfish?

Starfish Early Alert is a web-based advising tool that improves the way we support student success at Mayville State University. Students, faculty, and staff can manually raise alerts or flags. Faculty can support and nurture students through kudos for performance improvements and to recognize outstanding contributions. Success is a moving target and students need different kinds of encouragement at different times. Starfish Early Alert will engage students by keeping them informed and prompting them to act when necessary.

Other Questions?

The Office of Extended Learning is here to help you! We want your experience with online and distance education to be rewarding and enjoyable, and we look forward to working with you toward achieving your academic goals.

Please view our Distance Student Handbook to familiarize yourself with the various resources available to you as a Mayville State distance student. In this handbook, you will find information on accessing the services, offices, forms, and other resources you will need while a student with Mayville State. There are also a number of tutorials to help you use Moodle, email, and Campus Connection.  You may also refer to the "How Do I" document for quick reference.  

Please contact the Office of Extended Learning at 800.437.4104, Ext.  34667 for answers to any questions on getting started with your online and distance classes.