teacher_education_web_page.jpgThe Teacher Education Program is accredited by the Council for Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP) and the Higher Learning Commission, processes that assure quality programming and support continuous improvement. The Teacher Education Program's conceptual framework, "The Reflective Experiential Teacher" is used to guide teacher candidates throughout their studies to critically reflect on personal experiences and experiences that have supported their growth in knowledge, skills and dispositions to gain insights into teaching and learning. The Reflective Experiential Teacher framework guides program design and continuous improvement to offer candidates curriculum and experiences that prepare them for the realities of today's classrooms.

Throughout the teacher education program, candidates experience teacher education faculty using research-based teaching strategies to support growth in their own abilities to creativity, collaboration, critical thinking and communication in field experiences. Our aim is to prepare qualified teachers that demonstrate the ability to use instructional practices that meet the unique needs of all students, and to make data-based instructional decisions.

"Mayville is unique because of the relationships faculty can build with students and the personal service we’re able to offer due to class and campus size. Faculty work to support students toward their career paths and help them achieve related goals. It's that commitment faculty and staff give to our students that make a difference in the outcome of when students graduate and leave our university for the workforce – both in North Dakota and the region." 

- Dean & Chair, Division of Education, Dr. Andi Dulski-Bucholz

The Teacher Education Handbook serves as a narrative depiction of Mayville State University's Teacher Education Program: its purpose, administrative procedures and policies. The handbook is a resource for selection of coursework, tracking of requirements for graduation, and application of teacher certification. It provides the information and forms needed to prepare for and complete the teaching experience. Teacher Education Candidates, Cooperating Teachers, University Supervisors and Faculty are encouraged to reference this document for information and guidance. Students who double major in Special Education should also refer to the Special Education Handbook. MAT students please refer to the MAT Handbook

Teacher Education candidates are responsible for remaining current in their knowledge of the requirements for their Teacher Education program and teacher licensure requirements.




Student-Centered Learning

School-Based Field Experiences

TaskStream - an assessment system used to evaluate our education majors' knowledge, skills and dispositions

Career Opportunities

  • Credentialed in Library Media & Information Science (LMIS Minor)

Other Education Related Majors

Minors Offered

  • Students may choose a minor to individualize their degree.  For a complete list of minors, please click here.

Check out our bachelor's degree in special education!

Mayville State is offering a Bachelor of Science degree in special education for early childhood, elementary, and secondary levels. This is the first undergraduate special education strategist degree available in North Dakota. All core classes within the special education area of study are available online. Learn more.


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