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Complaint Procedure

Mayville State University is committed to resolving student grievances, complaints and concerns in an expeditious and fair manner. When possible, students are encouraged to raise concerns directly with relevant staff members for the most rapid resolution of concerns with those staff members most directly associated with the matter.  However, if this approach has not yielded a satisfactory resolution, the following policies and procedures are provided for a more formal complaint process.

Online and distance students with grievances, complaints, or concerns may direct concerns or questions on the student complaint process to:

Misti Wuori, Director of Extended Learning
Mayville State University
330 Third Street NE
Mayville, ND 58257
701.788.4631 (phone)
1.800.437.4104, ext. 34631

NC-SARA Approved Institution logo round.pngIf a complaint cannot be resolved at the University level, a student may contact the State Authorization Reciprocity Agreement (SARA) portal agency at the North Dakota University System (NDUS).  The NDUS is governed by the State Board of Higher Education and oversees Mayville State University.

SARA Portal Agency
Cheryl Thompson
State Authorization Coordinator
North Dakota University System
Core Technology Services
2000 44th Street SW, Suite 301
Fargo, ND 58103
(701) 239-6676

Students residing outside North Dakota while attending Mayville State University who want to resolve a grievance should follow the internal Mayville State University student complaint processes outlined below. However, if an issue cannot be resolved internally, you may file a complaint with the SARA Portal Agency contact listed above, or with your State by referring to the list of state agencies.

Complaints must follow Mayville State University's customary resolution procedure prior to being referred to the North Dakota SARA Portal Agency under SARA procedures. Grade appeals and student conduct appeals are not allowed under SARA.

The following definitions serve to differentiate a student grievance from a student complaint: 

Student Grievance

A grievance is a claim of a violation of a Mayville State University rule, policy, or established practice that affects a student's education. To begin formally filing a grievance, a student should be directed to Dr. Andrew Pflipsen,  Vice President for Student Affairs, to review the grievance process, submit appropriate documentation, and consult as needed.

Student Complaint

A complaint is a report of an issue, concern, or problem on an academic or administrative issue that affects a student’s experience both in and out of the classroom. Documentation of the issue or concern may be requested so that a statement outlining the details of the complaint (who, what, where, when, etc.) is available for review for those involved in the resolution process.

Overall Student Concerns: Student concerns about specific issues should generally be addressed to the respective office or university employee for resolution. Following are specific processes that students should follow for prompt resolution of concerns:

A. Students who have concerns about classroom related matters (including matters related to the instructor, teaching materials, methodology, classroom environment, physical facilities, or other matters resulting from normal classroom activities) should follow the following procedure:
1. Discuss the situation with the instructor to see if resolution can be reached.

2. If the problem is still not resolved, contact the instructor’s Division Chair for assistance.

Dr. Andi Dulski-Bucholz
Division of Education--Dean and Division Chair
Office: Education 116D

Dr. Jeremiah Moen
Health, Phy Ed & Rec Division--Division Chair
Office: Fieldhouse 137

Rhonda Nelson
Business & CIS Division—Division Chair
Office: Old Main 202B

Dr. Erin Lord Kunz
Division of Liberal Arts--Division Chair--English, Communications, and Performing Arts
Office: Old Main 321

Dr. Lon Jorgenson
Division of Liberal Arts--Division Chair--Social and Behavioral Sciences
Office: Larson Center 204

Dr. Joseph Mehus
Division of Science & Mathematics--Division Chair
Office: Science Building 134

Collette Christoffers
Division of Nursing--Interim Division Chair
Office: Classroom Building 115D

3. Situations still not resolved should be brought to the attention of Dr. Tami Such, Interim Vice President for Academic Affairs.  If the situation has not been resolved through this procedure, students may contact the President of the University for final resolution. Grade appeal processes are handled differently and are outlined in the Academic Catalog.

B. Students who have concerns about billings, business operations, institutional charges, etc. should contact Lois Karlstad or Courtney Peterson in the Business Office in Main 108. Financial billing issues related to policy or university procedures should be directed to Steven Bensen, Interim Vice President for Administrative Affairs.

C. Students who have concerns about financial aid awards, scholarships, or the processing of financial aid should contact Susan Cordahl, Director of Financial Aid in Main 107.  Issues related to financial aid policies or procedures should be directed to Andrew Pflipsen, Vice President for Student Affairs, at 701-788-4770.

D. Students who have concerns about their official admissions status or their academic standing should contact Heather Hoyt, Director of Admissions and Academic Records in Main 114. Issues related to admissions and academic standing policies should be directed to Tami Such, Interim Vice President for Academic Affairs.  Issues related to admissions procedures should be directed to Heather Hoyt, Director for Admissions and Academic Records at 701-788-4619.

E. Students who have concerns about specific student services; i.e. housing, food services, academic support, career development, student health services, counseling, student programming, or special services should first contact the director or professional in charge of that program.  Concerns may also be addressed by Andrew Pflipsen, Vice President for Student Affairs, at 701-788-4770.

F. Student athletes who have questions or concerns about eligibility or athletic awards should contact the respective coach. Issues related to institutional or NAIA policies or institutional procedures should be directed to Ryan Hall, Athletic Director.

G. Students who have concerns about technology related issues; i.e. laptop, access to computing resources, etc. should contact the Help Desk (Service Desk) in Library B06. Concerns about institutional policies and procedures related to the use of technology should be directed to Robert Frederick, Chief Information Officer.

H. Students, parents or alumni who have questions or concerns about alumni status, alumni information or contributions to the university should contact the MSU Foundation Office.

I. Students who have concerns about the condition of specific facilities or grounds should first contact the manager of that building or grounds area. Issues may also be directed to Dan Lorenz in Main Building (facilities operations) or Bob Kozojed in the Campus Center Building (custodial services).

In the event that a situation can not be resolved through ordinary and normal procedures with the respective staff person or Vice President, students may contact the university president for final resolution.

Mayville State University is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission.  

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Contact Information

Robert Frederick  701-788-4794   Bob Kozojed 701-788-4872
Heather Hoyt 701-788-4773   Dan Lorenz 701-788-4676
Andrew Pflipsen 701-788-4770   Steven Bensen 701-788-4761
Susan Cordahl 701-788-4767   Ryan Hall 701-788-4706
MSU Service Desk 701-788-4739   Courtney Peterson 701-788-4692
Misti Wuori 701-788-4631   Tami Such



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