Mayville State University provides resources for students interested in making healthy choices. All students who are 21½ or younger are sent a link to complete an alcohol training session and a sexual assault awareness and prevention training. Both are interactive and discuss best practices to keep students safe. 

If you were born in 1997 or before and would like to be enrolled in these classes, please contact and ask to be enrolled in the EVERFI training courses.

All first year students are expected to complete both seminars. Returning and older students are encouraged to do so. 

Mayville State University recognizes the use of alcohol and other drugs can significantly interfere with fulfilling the mission of the University and pose a serious threat to the health and well-being of the members of this community. We work to support students in achieving their personal and academic potential. Read more about Mayville State policies related to alcohol and other drugs. We also write and submit a regular report about our policies and programs related to alcohol and other drug, and other health-related, issues on our campus. 

Students concerned about alcohol use can take advantage of the university's subscription to E Checkup to Go, a program that helps people to complete a self-assessment. The university does not and cannot retain the info the survey-taker puts into the instrument. The more honest you are, the better the information you will get back.