Mayville State is committed to creating a safe, supportive learning and working environment for all members of the campus community. We are proud of our tradition of being a campus of personal service. Helping us by identifying student issues that effect the ability of students to be successful is appreciated.

Campus safety is a top priority, and we take all reports of misconduct seriously to protect everyone’s health and well-being. The University depends on community members to identify and report behaviors of concern so that the appropriate staff member team can provide distressed students and employees with appropriate support services and resources. We are all responsible for campus safety. If you see something, say and do something about it—report any concerning behavior or suspicious activity using the forms below.

MSU COVID-19 Reporting Form

The purpose of the MSU COVID-19 Reporting form is to inform Mayville State that a student or employee has COVID-19, has been identified as a close contact, and/or has symptoms consistent with COVID-19.

Members of the MSU Community are expected to notify the university if they have or know someone from the college community who has:
•   tested positive for COVID-19,
•   been notified by a state health department official that they have been identified as a close contact to someone that has tested positive for COVID-19,
•  symptoms consistent with COVID-19 (Individuals can check their symptoms through the ND Department of Health COVID-19 Risk Assessment Survey Tool by clicking here.)

Click here for more information and to access the form.


Non-Compliance with COVID-mitigation protocols

Persons on campus who are not following COVID-related expectations (wearing of masks, keeping attendees at a size consistent with the identified room capacity, or not practicing appropriate social distancing) are a concern for us all. Use this form to help campus administration address behaviors that hamper our COVID mitigation.

COVID Incident/Institutional Response (authorized campus administrators only)


Make a Referral to CARE Team

The CARE Team's mission is to assess the potential threat students may pose to themselves or to others and to provide early intervention, support, and behavioral response to students who display varying levels of disruptive or concerning behavior. The team meets to identify, assess, and respond to concerns and/or potential threats to the campus community. The team will maintain communication with appropriate offices and individuals. Examples of issues addressed by the CARE Team include suicide ideation or attempts; eating disorders; cutting and self-injurious behaviors; worrisome or unusual behavior; disruptive behavior in- or out-of the classroom; threats of injury or threatening behaviors, such as stalking or intimidation of others; a missing student; or an illness or death of a student or person close to a student.

Alert us to a Student experiencing Housing or Food Insecurity

Faculty, staff, and students should use this form if they become aware of a student who needs support and resources to address housing and/or food insecurities, usually resulting from the student having insufficient financial support or income.

A student with food needs can also approach a staff member in the Office of Diversity and Inclusion or the Office of Student Life to gain access to the campus food pantry. 

Report Behaviors or Events that are Discriminatory

Mayville State University strives for a culture and climate in which all members -- faculty, staff, students -- can be successful. At times, something may happen or behavior occur that may be described as an act of discrimination or harassment. University policy directs that discrimination against anyone in our community - employees, students, or applicants for employment or admission – is prohibited. Additionally, retaliation against any person who in good faith reports an event or action that one reasonably believes violates the University’s non-discrimination policies or against anyone who participates in an investigation of a complaint is also prohibited.

Report a Sexual Assault, an incident of Sexual Misconduct, or an incident of sexual- or gender-based harassment, discrimination, or violence

Rape and other forms of sexual- or gender-based violence manifest and perpetuate inequality. To make sure that all students, regardless of their gender identity and expression, deserve to have equal access to education. Mayville State University policy affirms this right.

Any person may report sexual- or gender-based harassment or misconduct, including actions of violence. A report can be made in person, by mail, by telephone, through the University’s reporting portal, or by email using the Title IX Coordinator’s contact information.


Report information suggesting a Student has violated a Campus Policy

The Code of Student Rights and Responsibilities describes behaviors that are prohibited. Submit information about behaviors that violate Community Standards or Student Life policies, including those that involve student-to-student related issues that are described as violations of these policies, that erode community standards, or negatively effect other students are addressed by Student Life staff.

Submit an Academic Concern Report 

Mayville State expects our professors and other staff to act as role models for students. In particular, university professors are held to a high standard of behavior. Students who believe the professor of a class has wrongly graded them, has demonstrated some bias or other inappropriate behavior, or has given a student a reason for concern are welcome to complete this form.

The University uses an internal judicial process to deal with formal complaints. A complaint is usually valid when you think the professor has acted in a way that violates the university code of conduct or is otherwise unethical or wrong.

Report an Injury or a Safety Concern

Report a non-emergency facilities concern (a burnt-out light, a sidewalk with ice, or other safety concern) or to provide an after-action report of a safety concern (a chemical leak or spill, a fire, an on-the-job injury or an accident/slip-and-fall/other injury by anyone on campus).

(Residence hall students should request routine maintenance using their housing portal). 

In all cases, if immediate action is needed, call 911 for the Traill County Sheriff Department (business: 701-656-4510) or 701-430-0000 for our 24-hour security phone. 

Report a concern about you and your roommate

Typically, roommate conflicts or points of concern are best addressed through a conversation with your RA. If you cannot approach your RA and need help resolving a concern with your roommate, you can submit a Request for Assistance in Discussing Concerns with your Roommate or Suitemate.

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