Online General Biology I & II

Do you need General Biology? Do you need a year of General Biology so that you can enter into a biology program or use the course as a pre-req for higher level biology courses, but can’t fit it into your schedule or need to do it online?  Mayville State University offers General Biology I and General Biology II online and meets the requirements of many biology/essential studies/nursing/health programs!

We are pleased to offer ONLINE labs that are full-contact, non-virtual labs to give you the hands-on experience required by most of these programs.  Is your program worried about you taking an online course and not having skills like microscopy? Not an issue here! Our lab kits include a microscope and gain hands-on experience utilizing microscopes.  These microscopes (Windows software only) allow students to visualize as well as capture images that are incorporated into the lab reports.

Maybe you only need the lecture or only the lab? Not a problem, you can enroll in either or both!  Of course, it is beneficial to take both simultaneously because they are coordinated to work together.

While these courses are “asynchronous” they do still have deadlines that students will need to meet.  You must enroll for a semester term and complete assignments over the duration of the semester.  So, the courses provide structure to help guide the students through the entirety of the course.  You need to meet the deadlines as missed assignments are missed points.


General Biology I is intended to fulfill needs of students from NUMEROUS backgrounds or even essential studies/pre-req courses.  Topics for General Biology I include everything from the Scientific Method, to Cell Structures and Membranes, through macromolecules, Cell Respiration, Photosynthesis, Mitosis and Meiosis, Protein Synthesis, and Genetic Hereditability.  These are also incorporated into the at-home labs so you cover the material numerous times and gain added, important exposure.

Mayville State University offers General Biology I online during the fall semester.  You must register and complete the courses within the semester timeframe.  General Biology I is a fully transferable course.  While Mayville State University is a fully accredited university and a member of the North Dakota University System, we recommend you submit the course syllabus to your institution to insure the course will be transferred to the specific university and program you are applying. Computers/Laptops with internal or external webcams/microphones are required for this course.

General Biology I (BIOL 150) Syllabus--Fall 2020

General Biology I Lab (BIOL 150L) Syllabus--Fall 2020  

Application for the Fall 2020 term is open now, and class registration is now open.  If you need more information on applying for admission, please see more detailed instruction here.

Tuition and Fees

For the 2020-2021 academic year, tuition and fees for distance and online courses is $314.65/semester hour credit.  This tuition and fee rate is the same for in-state and out-of-state students. Books and materials are additional, and information can be found at the MSU Bookstore. 

Complete tuition and fee information is available at the MSU Business Office website.

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