JT shoot.jpgWill you help a Comet in need?

Jack Turnbull, a senior on the Comets men's basketball team, suffered an ischemic stroke on Tuesday, April 30. He has spent several days in the hospital and will need to have surgery to repair his heart.

JT helped lead the Comets to back-to-back NSAA tournament championships and two NAIA national tournament appearances.

Now he could use our help with medical expenses.

Jack is pursuing a major in physical education and a minor in health education at Mayville State. A top student with a grade point average of 3.6, JT is expected to graduate in the spring of 2020.

Here's what has happened

On the morning of Tuesday, April 30, Jack "JT" Turnbull suffered an ischemic stroke. JT has lost feeling in his right arm and leg playing a game of pool. His loss of speech followed, as did discoloration in his face.

He was taken by ambulance to the Sanford Hospital in Mayville for an evaluation. It was there that doctors determined that JT had in fact suffered a mini-stroke. 

JT was taken to Fargo for further testing and observation at the Sanford Medical Center. He would go through testing for the next two days in an effort to determine the cause of the stroke. The doctors found a small hole in his heart. The hole was found during a test where a device was put down his throat to take snapshots of the heart and surrounding areas. Further testing concluded that JT had an atrial septal defect.

For now, JT wears a heart monitor and is expected to have surgery in his homeland of Australia in the coming days. Following surgery, he will be restricted from any physical activity for 30 days.

499A2280.jpgJT's words

"It was a very exhausting and nerve-racking time. I didn't understand how at 22, and in good health, I could have a stroke. Hearing that I had a hole in my heart was gut-wrenching news, but I was relieved to finally have some answers.

"I thank everyone who came to visit me in the hospital. I received so many phone calls and messages from people wishing me the best. 

"I also thank the people of Mayville State University. My professors have been more than understanding with this unfortunate circumstance.

"Most importantly, I thank the medical team in Mayville and the doctors in Fargo. Without them I probably wouldn't be here today. I'm forever thankful for all they did for me.

"I'm eager to get back home to Australia and have the surgery done. It will be great to be with my family while I recover."

It's time for the Comet family to rally for JT!

The Mayville State family is praying for a successful surgery so that JT can return to school next fall and finish his degree. In the meantime, medical expenses are adding up. Will you consider a gift to help JT and his family while he is recovering from surgery? All donations collected will go toward medical expenses.