Gifts to the Annual Fund help MSU enhance the lives of students and build alumni relationships.

Every dollar given to the Annual Fund Drive helps the MSU Foundation to exist and complete its work. Every dollar creates 28 new dollars of charitable support! After operation costs, the remainder each year goes to wherever the needs are the greatest. It is simplest to say, without an annual fund drive, there would not be an MSU Foundation. With enrollment increasing every year, you can be assured your gift is helping to fuel the growth for the future.

This year's Annual Fund Drive goal is to raise $75,000. That goal in turn helps us reach our annual overall goals which is $1.1 million this year. Not a bad return on your investment, eh?

We thank you for considering a gift to the annual fund drive that drives it all.

For more information, contact the MSU Foundation at 330 Third Street NE, Mayville, ND  58257; 701-788-4864;