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As the holidays draw near, our hearts are filled with gratitude for the many gifts with which we have been blessed. One of those precious gifts for countless alumni and friends is Mayville State University. For 133 years, the university has provided experiences that have made lives better.

Will you consider paying your gratitude for Mayville State forward so that a deserving student might enjoy the benefits of a Mayville State education?

Scholarship assistance truly makes a difference for students who are becoming the leaders of tomorrow. The opportunity to earn scholarships weighs heavily into a student’s decision to attend Mayville State. While our costs are very affordable, a scholarship makes our university even more appealing and may mean the difference in whether a student chooses to attend Mayville State, or whether to attend college at all. Your gift will help to relieve the financial stress that can go with earning a college degree and may be the very thing that makes it possible for a deserving person to earn a college degree.

Please consider what Mayville State has meant in your own life and make a gift to the scholarship fund that will help to ensure that others will benefit in the same way you have. North Dakota Challenge Grant matching funds are available. Through this grant, the State of North Dakota will match your gift at a rate of 50%. Your gift has the potential to make an even greater impact!

The thankfulness flows in both directions.

We at Mayville state could not be more grateful for the generosity of our alumni and friends. Your support is key to making great things happen at the university and in the lives of individuals. From the bottoms of our hearts, we say “thank you” for your past and future support. You are changing lives.

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Your gift to the academic scholarship drive will help hard-working students like Lauryn Wolfgram.

Lauryn Wolfgram.jpg“Thank you very much for selecting me for the Lowell Nelson Accounting Scholarship. I am a junior majoring in both accounting and business administration. By the time I graduate in 2024, I will also have specializations in banking and finance and marketing.

“I chose Mayville State University because of its size. When I toured the campus, I loved how small it was. My tour guide knew the name of every single person we walked past and said ‘hello.’ I thought that was awesome. I also loved the small class sizes.

“My original plan was to go to Mayville for two years, get my generals done, and then transfer to a bigger school. However, after two great years, I decided to stay here and finish out my degree. I absolutely love my professors and classmates. You truly get to know everyone and that is very important to me. I also enjoy being close to home and my family.

“Right now, I have a couple of different ideas for my future career. I am leaning toward pursuing a master’s degree in business administration and becoming a professor. My other options include becoming a CPA or a real estate appraiser. I like these two options because I would love to become an entrepreneur and write my own schedule. I look forward to completing internships in these areas in the future.

“Thank you again for this scholarship. I am honored to have been chosen. It is appreciated greatly and will help me to continue my education at Mayville State University.”

Lauryn Wolfgram, Thompson, N.D.
2022-23 recipient of the Lowell Nelson Accounting Scholarship

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Would you like to spread out your membership amount over time? For example, it might be easier for you to make a donation of $100 if you could make 10 monthly payments of $10 each. For your convenience, we offer the option of monthly recurring payments when using Discover, MasterCard, Visa, or web check. Click here to get started.

Checks may be mailed to MSU Foundation, 330 Third Street NE, Mayville, ND  58257.

Questions? Call or email Stacy at 701-788-4864 or stacy.buchl@mayvillestate.edu.