During the Fall 2018 semester, Content Area Reports for the ND Education Standards and Practice Board (ESPB) Program Evaluation process were completed for the 13 teacher licensing programs offered as degrees through the Mayville State University Education Preparation Provider (EPP). The purpose of review is to examine the content and efficacy of preparation to ensure MSU programs continue to maintain a high standard of preparation that is comprehensive in general, content area, and professional education studies. The program review process engaged the EPP in reflection on professional practices and action points for continuous improvement in educator preparation. Reports were submitted on November 30, 2018.

Led by the CAEP Coordinator and the Student Placement/Data Management Coordinator, the Division of Education, the Teacher Education Committee and MSU faculty teaching content area preparation courses worked collaboratively to evaluate the programs against the ESPB content area standards. This included extensive review of courses, syllabi, and the university catalogue, as well as interviews with faculty and division chairs. This also included examination of three years of data collected across multiple systems and key assessment that have been changed and improved since the last full review. The Summary of EPP Aggregate Findings, EPP Actions/Strategies, Implementation Timeline, and Needed Resources will be finalized in response to institutional consideration of findings.

MSU Program Review Report Forms

  1. 19814   BSED Composite Biology Education
  2. 19815   BSED Composite Chemistry Education
  3. 19811   BSED Composite Social Science Education
  4. 19796   BSED Early Childhood Education
  5. 19801   BSED Elementary Education  
  6. 19803   BSED English Education 
  7. 19809   BSED Health Education
  8. 19812   BSED History Education
  9. 19804   BSED Mathematics Education 
  10. 19810   BSED Physical Education
  11. 24747   BSED Special Education -Early Childhood
  12. 24748   BSED Special Education-Elementary and 24749 BSED-Secondary
  13. 28749   Master of Arts in Teaching
  14. InTASC Unit Report

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