Design your own program that is Affordable, Flexible and Transfer-friendly

The Bachelor of University Studies (B.U.S.) online degree program is available for students who have completed previous coursework at a two or four year college or university, but did not earn a bachelor's degree. The B.U.S. degree provides flexibility for students who wish to determine the content of their degree rather than pursue a specific major. Each student will design a program leading to specific educational goals, but not necessarily within any one department. This provides a flexible and adaptable degree based on your individual needs and previously completed coursework. 

Degree Requirements

For this degree, a minimum of 36 credit hours at the 300/400 level are required. Thirty credits in residence from Mayville State are required. Students can opt to complete an optional minor in business administration, library media and information science, or early childhood.

Mayville State online courses are available in a wide variety of academic areas including: business administration; early childhood education; library media and information science; health, physical education and recreation; math and math education; general science; English; special educationpsychology; social science; and Spanish. 


Mayville State University recognizes the importance of technology in today's world and wants to ensure that baccalaureate graduates of the institution have the technological knowledge and skills necessary to compete effectively.


Mayville State online and distance courses cost $293 per credit for tuition and fees. (Tuition is subject to change without notice.) Financial aid is available in the form of grants and loans. To see if you are eligible for financial aid, you first need to complete your FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). When completing the form, list Mayville State University (Title IV code 002993) on your application.


Today's employers place a strong emphasis on relevant work experience. Mayville State University's Internship Program provides an excellent opportunity for students to gain valuable hands-on work experience coupled with a paycheck and academic credit for the work completed during an internship.


Mayville State University accepts transfer credit from regionally recognized accredited institutions of postsecondary education. All credit hours earned from the institutions that meet this criterion are accepted in transfer towards graduation degree credit hours.

Mayville State is working with community and technical colleges in North Dakota, Minnesota, Wyoming, Arizona, and Washington. Below you will find links to detailed transfer information from some of the institutions we have been working with. You can view detailed articulation agreements by clicking the link below. These are only sample articulations. Actual transfer credit granted will vary.

Find articulation agreements with Mayville State.

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