Undergraduate Certificate in Online Digital Teaching

See the Academic Catalog for more information about the undergraduate certificate in Online Digital Teaching.

This 10-credit undergraduate certificate is comprised of four courses that focus on the use of instructional technologies for teaching, learning, assessment, communication, and collaboration within an online environment. The certificate provides educators with focused learning experiences to gain the necessary skills that best support student learning through an online course delivery system. 

Course titles include; Introduction to Blended LearningLearning Management, Student Information Systems and Online CurriculumOnline K-12 Instructional Methodology; and Online Instruction Field Study. Note that the Online Instruction Field Study course must be the final course taken to complete the certificate.

Questions? Please contact the MSU Teacher Education Department (education@mayvillestate.edu) at 701-788-4710

Courses are offered as asynchronous, online courses by demand.

Please note, certificate program candidates are not eligible for state and federal financial aid. 

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Current students should work with their academic advisors to plan when to take the Online Digital Teaching Certificate courses.