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Earn your Bachelor of Arts in Early Childhood degree from Mayville State University and remain near your home, work, and family. You can get a jump on the four-year degree soon to be required in the Early Childhood field and open the door to exciting career opportunities with our program of distance courses enriched by field experience working with children.


Mayville State's fully-accredited Early Childhood program can prepare you for work in a variety of leadership positions, including early childhood education teacher, early childhood administrator, supervisor, curriculum specialist, and education coordinator in preschool programs. The philosophy of the program incorporates the reflective experiential model. This model will prepare you to reflect on research findings, education theory, and teaching strategies, and to experience the application of what you have learned in a variety of teaching opportunities.


The Bachelor of Arts in Early Childhood can be personalized to fit your career goals and needs. The program provides you a core of professional courses, and you complete a specialization in either Administration, Special Needs/Paraprofessional, Infant/Toddler, or After School.


Mayville State University recognizes the importance of technology in today's world and wants to ensure that baccalaureate graduates of the institution have the computer knowledge and skills necessary to compete effectively.


Transfer students with previous early childhood coursework may be eligible to complete B.A. Early Childhood degree requirements entirely online. Some specialization courses are offered in North Dakota through the Interactive Video Network (IVN). Students with no previous coursework in Early Childhood may need to take some courses at local sites or on-campus at Mayville State University during summer sessions. A Mayville State advisor will help create a plan of study with you.


Mayville State online and distance courses cost $293 per credit for tuition and fees. (Tuition is subject to change without notice.) Financial aid is available in the form of grants and loans. To see if you are eligible for financial aid, you first need to complete your FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). When completing the form, list Mayville State University (Title IV code 002993) on your application.


Mayville State University accepts transfer credit from regionally recognized accredited institutions of postsecondary education. All credit hours earned from the institutions that meet this criterion are accepted in transfer towards graduation degree credit hours.

Mayville State is working with community and technical colleges in North Dakota, Minnesota, Wyoming, Arizona, and Washington to clearly outline how their associate's degrees will transfer into the Bachelor of Arts in Early Childhood. Below you will find links to detailed transfer information from some of the institutions we have been working with. You can view detailed articulation agreements by clicking the link below. These are only sample articulations. Actual transfer credit granted will vary.

Find articulation agreements with Mayville State.

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