Mayville State University has a special opportunity for North Dakota high school students for Fall 2023.  Any North Dakota High School Junior or Senior student with a 3.0 GPA or higher can enroll in SPED 289 Foundations of Special Education or EDUC 250 Introduction to Education free of charge. These courses are online 3-credit courses with university credit earned from Mayville State University. The credit earned will transfer to other universities for education program requirements or elective credit. 

Additionally, for those dual credit students who enroll in SPED 289 Foundations of Special Education in Fall 2023 or enroll in SPED 289 Foundations of Special Education in Spring 2024 with Mayville State University, SPED 289A is available free of charge for dual credit students. 

Fall 2023-Spring 2024 Dual Credit Education and Special Education Classes Factsheet

Course Descriptions

EDUC 250 Introduction to Education: This course provides students with historical, philosophical, social, and psychological foundations of education. Study of the structure and roles of the local, state, and federal government within the American educational system is a focus of the course along with student-led research on global educational systems, diversity and multiculturalism in education. Current trends in curriculum and instruction are also a focus of the course. Students will participate in a structured field experience to include elementary or secondary placement and special needs. Special emphasis will be placed on observing the teaching-learning process, performing instruction-related duties, working individually with students, and the operating procedures of a K-12 classroom. Students will also be introduced to the professionalism of teaching. 

SPED 289 Foundations of Special Education: This course is designed to provide historical and foundational knowledge and understanding of characteristics of the disability experience, a variety of disability types under IDEA law, their implications, associated conditions and the impact of disability on physical, cognitive, and psychosocial development. The course also provides a model for understanding individuals with disabilities, appropriate decision making, facilitating educational programs, accommodations and modifications, and collaboration with families, professional roles, and outside agencies. A goal of the course is to provide training for education and service providers who serve exceptional children, youth, and adults in a variety of settings.

SPED 289A Foundations of Special Education Practicum: This course provides an initial classroom observation experience. It is required for students who have taken  Foundations of Special Education without an associated field experience.  Prospective education professionals will follow a structured process to gain first-hand information on the demands a full-time teacher meets on a daily basis.  Students will observe the teaching-learning process, perform instruction-related duties, work individually with students, and the operating procedures of a special education classroom.  Students will observe in a special needs classroom.

Who is eligible?

• North Dakota High School Junior or Senior Student
• Student must have Cumulative GPA of 3.0

Why is it free?

The Department of Public Instruction (DPI) will pay for each student wanting to take EDUC 250, SPED 289, or SPED 289A. The application fee, books, and dual credit tuition will be paid. The State of North Dakota has a teacher shortage, and this dual credit course is designed to motivate juniors and seniors to consider all education fields, but especially the special education field.

Class Information

EDUC 250: Introduction to Education is a 16-week, online asynchronous 3 credit course for Fall Semester of 2023 taught by Mayville State University faculty member, Jeni Peterson

SPED 289: Foundations of Special Education is a 16-week, online asynchronous 3 credit course for Fall Semester of 2023 taught by Mayville State University faculty member, Dr. Carly Theis.

SPED 289A: Foundations of Special Education Field Experience will be a 2 credit course, with a required 60 hour field experience, for Spring 2024 taught by Mayville State University faculty member, Dr. Carly Theis. This course will be available to students who took SPED 289 in Fall 2023 or students who enroll in SPED 289 in Spring 2024.

More Information

If you have questions, contact Emily Kaasa in the Mayville State Admissions Office at 701-788-4763 or

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