The goal of the Special Education program is to prepare teacher candidates for entry to special education professional practice with knowledge and skills and skills to practice safely, ethically, and effectively with a multi-categorical population of students with special needs. Special education candidates must master appropriate core academic subject matter as well as be prepared for the complex challenges of teaching individuals with exceptional learning needs. The Special Education program seeks to prepare students to:

  • Apply specialized pedagogical knowledge subject matter content.

  • Master appropriate core academic subject matter content.

  • Demonstrate instructional strategies and assessments that are developmentally appropriate for diverse learners.

  • Observe, document, and analyze characteristics, behaviors, and learning environments of populations with special needs.

  • Demonstrate professional dispositions and ethical practice through collaborative interactions.

  • Apply effective verbal and non-verbal communication, multi-media, and using current technology skills in specialized settings.

The Special Education program is available completely online.

  • Classes are scheduled for summer, fall, or spring terms.

  • This unique online program allows licensed teachers to pursue Special Education licensure at the bachelor’s degree level.

  • This program supports a traditional 4-year degree, transfer students, and the possibility of receiving a bachelor’s degree in as little as 2.5 years.

  • This Fast-track option has been uniquely developed incorporating 8-week and 16-week courses.

Special Education B.S.Ed. (Stand-Alone/Fast-Track Option)