Here's why Mayville State is right for James!


Why did you choose to attend Mayville State University?
I wanted to attend a teaching college and preferred MSU over other universities in the area.

What do you like best about the major you’re pursuing?
It allows me to teach more than just basic history.

What do you like best about Mayville State in general?
Faculty and staff are very helpful and make learning fun.

Have you had any unique opportunities, in or out of the classroom, while you’ve been enrolled at Mayville State?
I had the opportunity to work with local area teachers at a professional workshop on campus.

What MSU clubs, organizations, or athletic activities do you participate in?
I am one of the co-presidents of the swim club on campus.

How have these activities enhanced your college experience?
It has given me the chance to work with faculty, students, and community members.

What has been your greatest moment as a Mayville State student?
My first teaching experience in Drayton, N.D. with 7th graders.

What does personal service mean to you?
It means I am more than a number here on campus and that the faculty are willing to go out of their way to help me with whatever I need.

What are your plans after graduating from Mayville State?
Teaching anywhere in North Dakota that is available.