Maddie Gallardo Irias

Business Administration and Psychology Majors

I chose MSU because it's small. I wanted to feel a sense of belonging among my friends, students, and professors. And, I do. I get that kind of attention here. Everyone knows each other. Everyone helps each other. At this campus ... everyone is close.






Mayville State: Diversity & Inclusion




Dina Zavala-Petherbridge

Director of Cultural Diversity & Inclusion

Instructor in Education

MSU is all about connection and inclusion. Our students represent much diversity and variety. Ours is one of the most culturally diverse campuses around, and I enjoy working with our students to assure that they feel safe and included. ebook_graphic.jpg

I always tell prospective students not to be intimidated by the size of this school. For a lot of people, even MSU is large, but by four-year university standards, it is actually a very intimate campus. Don't look at the numbers. Look at the opportunities this campus offers. That's what a small school will provde students - opportunity, connection, respect, and family. Due to our size, we have opportunities to create programming that impacts students' academic development in a positive way.

Maddie is a great role model for students at Mayville State because she's so involved. She's made it her mission to engage with students through a variety of activities. She's demonstrated that being an international student at Mayville State isn't a limitation. It's quite the opposite.