Here's why Mayville State is right for Hannah!


Why did you choose to attend Mayville State University?
Mayville State University is a small school and is close to home. Mayville also had the program that I wanted and was reasonably priced.

What do you like best about the major you’re pursuing?
Science has always seemed interesting to me. There is proof due to research. Science is not clouded by emotion, it is just facts. Science is always advancing as well. There is so much information out there.

What do you like best about Mayville State in general?
What I like best about Mayville State University is the family feel in the community and on campus. With the small class sizes, students are able to take more of the classes they want without being limited by the number of spots open as much as at larger schools. When there are small classes, there seems to be a more personal feeling in the class.

Do you participate in any activities related to your major/minor? Internships? Work Study? Other?
I work in a research lab on campus, which I really enjoy. I have learned quite a bit from this experience.

Have you had any unique opportunities, in or out of the classroom, while you’ve been enrolled at Mayville State?
With being a small campus, I have the opportunity to work in a research lab, which looks great on my resume for grad school, as well as future jobs, since I may potentially end up working in a lab after graduation. In larger schools it would be more difficult to get jobs such as a research assistant, but since this is such a small school, the opportunity is out there.

What MSU clubs, organizations, or athletic activities do you participate in?
I am involved in Science Club on campus and I participated in a musical, as well.

How have these activities enhanced your college experience?
Science club helps to give knowledge about science to people on campus. We are able to do experiments and watch education videos that are very interesting. Getting a group of people together that enjoy science is very important to build bonds and friendships.

What has been your greatest moment as a Mayville State student?
I have to say my greatest moment as a student of Mayville State University was the relationships that have developed with my floor, since I am an RA. Just being able to connect with these freshmen and help them make the transition into college has been a really interesting for me.

What does personal service mean to you?
Personal service means being there to help or answer questions when needed.

What are your plans after graduating from Mayville State?
After graduation I plan on getting my master’s degree, currently I am uncertain where. I have hopes to pursue forensic science.