What is Blackboard Ally?

Blackboard Ally is a revolutionary product that integrates seamlessly into the Learning Management System and focuses on making digital course content more accessible.


Blackboard Ally Help

Faculty, need help with Ally? Check out our Blackboard Ally Help page.

Students, need help with Alternative Formats? See our Alternative Formats page.


Fall 2019 Implementation

Bb Ally / Alternative Formats was available in all MaSU courses as of Friday, August 16 at 5:00 pm


Core Team Members

Core Team Members

  1. Andrew Pflipsen
  2. Misti Wuori*
  3. Chris Gonnella*
  4. Katie Richards
  5. Teri Wright
  6. Greta Paschke*
  7. Aubrey Madler*

* Piloting instructors on the Core Team

Piloting Instructors

The individuals below have agreed to pilot their courses with Ally in the Stage environment of Blackboard. Others have been invited and will be added to this list as they agree to the pilot.

  • Chris Gonnella
  • Aprill Hastings
  • Aubrey Madler
  • Misti Wuori
  • Greta Paschke
  • Kelly Kornkven
  • Sarah Kallock
  • Ashley Tomblin 
  • Lona Smith