Technology Integration Matrix

Traditional activities

Technology integrated activities



Surveys, questionnaires, polls, instant messaging

Blackboard, Zoom, Poll Everywhere, YuJa, Qualtrics, Microsoft Teams, Nearpod

Reading textbooks, etc.

PDFs, screen readers

Kindle, cell phones, Bb Ally, Screen readers

Reflective writing

Blogs – for individuals; wikis – for groups

Blogs – Wordpress, Blogger, LiveJournal, Blackboard

Wikis – Blackboard Wikis, Google Docs

Class discussion

Wikis, forums, podcasts

Wikis, Blackboard forums, Audacity

Ice breaker activities

Forum introducing self, poll asking a question related to the material which leads to discussion questions

Blackboard, Zoom, Pinterest, Yoki, Poll Everywhere

In-class presentations

Web conference

Zoom, Bb Collaborate

Worked examples

Application sharing and recording, screen capture

Zoom, Pronto, Camtasia, Screenr, Wacom One

Research papers


Google Scholar, Library Resources

Group projects


Zoom meetings and breakout rooms


Podcasts, avatars, videos, student made movies

Audacity, Voki, YouTube


Academic assessment, performance assessment

Taskstream, OneNote


Podcasts, application sharing and recording, instructor commentary, live stream web quests

Audacity, Office 365, YuJa, Camtasia, Zoom, Teams

Guest speakers

Audio interviews, online conferences

Zoom, Teams

Role play

Acting in a role that will be held in the future

Zoom, Discussion Forums


Online labs