Welcome to Mayville State University!

You can find more details on Summer Session 2024 here: https://mayvillestate.edu/academics/summer-school/.  Summer classes have varying start dates with some classes beginning Monday, May 20 at 8:00 a.m. (Central time). Most Summer 2024 classes begin Tuesday, May 28 at 8:00 a.m. (Central time).  Your course content will be available in Blackboard by the dates above.

Mayville State University Departments are readily available to assist students enrolled in online classes. 

  • If you have changed your plans to attend Mayville State University for Summer 2024, please contact the Academic Records Office to withdraw from classes:  1-800-437-4104, ext. 34774 or 701-788-4774 or records@mayvillestate.edu. 
  • If you have any issues with Blackboard, contact Robert Davis at 1-701-788-4645 or robert.davis.4@mayvillestate.edu, or the ITS Help Desk at 1-701-788-4739. 
  • If you need to change classes or talk to an advisor, call 1-701-788-5251 or email: advising@mayvillestate.edu 
  • Order your textbooks at the Mayville State Bookstore.
  • Contact the Financial Aid Office at 701-788-4893 with any financial aid questions. 
  • The MSU Business Office at 701-788-4757 is available to help with your student account questions. 



1. Review the Technology Requirements page to ensure you have the necessary technology to complete your online classes.

2. CRITICAL -- If you have not yet done so, claim your NDUS User Account (student account) at https://helpdesk.ndus.edu/ndusaccount. Until you claim your account you will not be able to self-register, view your class schedule in Campus Connection, view/pay student charges, access classes in Blackboard, and so on. Click here for detailed instructions on claiming your Campus Connection User Account

3. Complete the Financial Obligation Agreement (FOA) for Summer 2024. You must complete the student Financial Obligation Agreement each semester prior to registering for classes. Please review these FOA instructions for more information.

4. Register for classes Please be sure to check with your academic advisor prior to changing your class schedule.

5. Log into your Mayville State email account to give it a test run at least one week before classes begin. As a Mayville State student, you should receive access to a university email account within 24 hours of registration.  You can access this university email account by clicking the envelope icon at the top right of the Mayville State homepage at www.mayvillestate.edu. You may be prompted to set up DUO Authentication for added security when accessing your email account.

All official communication from university departments (financial aid, business office, etc.) and instructors goes to your MSU email. However, you may also receive online class login information and other important information as a new student at the email address you used when applying for admission or registering for courses. Be sure any non-MSU email account you are using accepts email from Mayville State, and be sure to check both your Inbox and Trash/Junk/Clutter mailboxes in your email account for important email from Mayville State. This is especially important to do prior to the start of an academic term.

It is critical that you are able to frequently access your Mayville State email. Important information about your admission, registration, financial aid, and more will be sent ONLY through your Mayville State email account.  Faculty members expect you will communicate ONLY with your Mayville State email address regarding questions about your online classes. Please be sure to check your Mayville State University email account at least 5-7 times per week at a MINIMUM. You may refer to our How Do I guide for instructions on logging into your email account.

 If you have any questions or issues accessing your Mayville State email, contact MSU Information Technology Services.

6. Log into your Blackboard Learn account to give it a test run at least one week before classes begin. As a Mayville State student, you should receive access to a Blackboard account within 24 hours of registration.  You can access this account by clicking the "Bb" icon at the top right of the Mayville State homepage at www.mayvillestate.edu. Please review the more detailed information on accessing online courses in Blackboard below (scroll down).

7. Set up your online ordering profile and purchase books and materials from the Mayville State Bookstore.  Please allow 72 hours after registration before attempting to set up your online ordering profile. Summer 2024 book ordering opens closer to the start of the summer term . Required books and material lists are available now. Read through all information regarding shipping, returns, and refunds for your books and materials that is available through the Bookstore.

8. Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Be sure to complete the 2023-2024 FAFSA. Mayville State’s school code is 002993. If you have any questions or want to ensure your financial aid file is complete with all requirements, don’t hesitate to contact the Financial Aid Office or by phone at 701-788-4893.

9. Review Important Datesinformation on Drop/Withdrawal processes, and the Refund Schedule.

10. Contact the Business Office with questions about payments and payment plans for tuition and fees charges. 

11. Learn about the Academic Requirements Report (ARR) tool to track your degree completion.  

12. Learn about the Starfish Early Alert System.

13. Review Consumer Information for Students.

Accessing Mayville State University Online Classes

Mayville State's classes are found in Blackboard (Bb). Classes will be available in Blackboard on the first day of the term. To ensure you are registered for the correct classes, please log in and refer to your official class schedule in Campus Connection for details specific to your courses. To access Campus Connection, go to www.mayvillestate.edu. Next, click on the "C" icon in the upper right corner, or "Campus Connection" in the lower right of the webpage.  If you do not know your Campus Connection username and/or password, call the Campus Connection Help Desk at 1-866-457-6387.

Log into Blackboard at: https://online.mayvillestate.edu.  Click here for instructions on logging into your Mayville State Blackboard account.

If you have a problem accessing your courses after Noon on the first full day of classes or have any other technical questions, please contact the following Bb support:

MSU Blackboard Support Specialist

MSU Service Desk

Robert Davis


701-788-4645 (phone)


MSU Service Desk



After hours: NDUS Help Desk 1.866.457.6387 

Give your Mayville State Blackboard login access a test run at least one week prior to the start of classes. 


Please also take some time to practice Blackboard and learn about being a Mayville State University student in the Student Orientation and Blackboard Ultra Orientation courses located in the Student Knowledge Base within Blackboard.  The optional orientations are available after you register for Summer 2024 classes and will appear in your list of Blackboard courses.  It is not required and there is no cost associated with the Student Orientations.  However, students are encouraged to take some time to work through the orientations prior to the start of classes.


To take online courses through Mayville State, you should be familiar with the following:

  • Basic operation of a computer.
  • An Internet browser such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.
  • Sending and receiving e-mails.
  • Microsoft Word.
  • Access to Computers and the Internet

To complete online courses, you will need to meet the Technology Requirements, including regular access to a computer and reliable internet access. High speed internet access is highly recommended for all courses and is required for most courses. iPads and Chromebooks or devices running Chrome OS do not meet the minimum technology requirements.  You must have access to a personal computer.

Please be sure you are prepared for the technology demands of online course enrollment at the start of the academic semester. Please note that the lack of access to a reliable computer, reliable high-speed internet connection, or required technology or software for your MSU online classes is NOT an excuse for submitting late work, or requesting extended exam timeframes, or starting courses late in the semester. Direct any questions to the MSU Information Technology Service Desk.


  • PC with Windows 8.1 or newer (Windows 10 is recommended); Mac users must have at least Mac OS X version 10.10 or newer (and certain courses may require Mac users to purchase additional software).
  • A web browser, such as Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. Chrome is preferred for Blackboard.
  • Microsoft Office 365 is available to all Mayville State students at no additional cost to the student.  You must first be registered as a student to have access.  Office includes Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, and more. To get started with this suite of programs, follow the Microsoft Office software download instructions below. You will also find how to access other self-help articles.
  • Students should download Adobe Reader and set up an appropriate digital signature. Students must use the correct type of digital signature when submitting various forms that allow for electronic signatures.


Microsoft Office 365

Adobe Reader Download



Distance learners must secure their own Internet Service. Consult local listings for Internet Service Providers. 

Minimum Requirement: 1 Mbps or higher (achieved via DSL, Cable service, or wireless services)


Mayville State provides technical support and assistance with instructional technology.  For student help and information for Blackboard, see the Bb Student Support Center page.

Getting Started in PEXIP Student User Guide 

Getting Started in Blackboard Collaborate Ultra Guide

Yuja Student Guide

Students taking online, synchronous classes need to ensure they are fully attentive to class activities while attending online class sessions.  Family members, children, pets, cell phones, and other distractions must be out of sight for class sessions.  Distractions for students and the instructor are not allowed. 


Continue to work with your advisor to process any course substitutions, if appropriate, for your program of study. Please review the How Do I guide for further information on getting started as a Mayville State online/distance student.


To get a student ID card, you will need to email emily.g.rice@mayvillestate.edu.  You will be required to submit a recent "headshot" picture. Additional information on how to add and use funds with your Campus ID can be found on the Campus ID webpage. 


All Summer 2024 semester charges are due paid in full by June 6, 2024.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your financial account, please contact the MSU Business Office at 1-800-437-4104, ext. 34757 as soon as possible. 

Students are required to access their account information online through Campus Connection. To access Campus Connection:

  • Go to www.mayvillestate.edu
  • Click on the "C" icon in the upper right-hand corner or Campus Connection in the lower right-hand corner.
  • Log in with your NDUS/Campus Connection credentials. If you do not know your Campus Connection username and/or password, call the Campus Connection Help Desk at 1-866-457-6387.
  • Once logged in, click on your Financial Account tile.
  • From the menu on the left you can select what you would like to, such as view your account balance or make a payment online (here is where you could also set up a payment plan).  

IMPORTANT--You will be responsible for total tuition and fees due for courses in which you are enrolled unless you take the steps necessary to officially drop classes by the established drop dates.  To officially drop or withdraw, you MUST follow the procedures established by the Academic Records Office. Withdrawal and refund dates vary by the courses enrolled.  Please check your Campus Connection schedule for details specific to your courses.  For summer sessions, the 100% drop dates are very quick and you must pay very close attention to the drop dates for courses in Campus Connection. Complete refunds (100%) for dropped classes are only available in the first day or so of the term.  After the 100% refund period, an individual class that is dropped will NOT receive a refund.  Total withdrawal from all Mayville State classes will follow the tuition refund schedule available from the Business Office.

Summer 2024 Important Withdrawal Dates:

If you are enrolling or are enrolled in Summer 2024 courses, please note these important dates, as well as the complete schedule of tuition refund dates on the Business Office webpage.

You must officially withdraw from a course if you intend to drop the course.  To withdraw from a course or the semester term, follow official procedures through the Office of Academic Records.

If you are experiencing difficulties in a course (attendance concerns, low test scores or participation, in danger of failing, etc.), your instructor may send an email to your mayvillestate.edu email account through the Starfish system. The short message will tell you about any concerns and the next steps to take to resolve the issue. Your advisor, the Director of Student Success, and/or your instructor will work with you to create success strategies to address any difficulties you are having. In addition, if your instructor observes that you are doing well in their course, you may also receive “kudos” from them acknowledging your efforts. Please watch your email for Starfish updates and reply to your instructor, advisor, and Mindy O'Connor, Director of Student Success.

Online Tutoring

Net Tutor is Mayville State's Online Tutoring Platform.  Please find instructions here. 


For Students

Once you go into Blackboard to work on Net Tutor.  You will then be directed to this page.  You can then click on Tutoring Center (for an assortment of Academic Areas) or Writing Center for what you need.

Tutoring Center:  You will find an assortment of tutoring services that you can access.  Choose the one that you will need help on with the course/s you are working on.

Tutoring Writing Center:  You will find that they will ask you to explain what you would like them to review and will need to be specific on if it is in MLA or APA format.  If you are handing in a paper for corrections please allow 24 hour turnaround time.  They may be quicker, but the guarantee is 24 hours.

Making an Appointment:  You will also see that you can connect with a tutor by scheduling an appointment.  With this there will be guidelines that if you miss the appointment or do not cancel it before the 24 designated time, you will lose access to Net Tutor.  To gain access back you will need to contact studentsuccess@mayvillestate.edu.

All students will have unlimited access time to tutoring through Net Tutor.  If you have questions or concerns, you may reach out to studentsuccess@mayvillestate.edu for help.

If you have any other questions, please contact the Center for Teaching and Learning at 1-800-437-4104, ext. 34645.  

Have a great semester online!