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(This edition of the Comet Weekly is a dynamic document and activities are subject to change. This schedule is offered to suggest our plans for opening weekend.)

August 22

  • Residence Halls Open for Move-In

(Stuff to bring) 

Select a check-in time
  • We are not changing date of the beginning of school. Residence halls open on August 22.
  • Our sports programs will manage their check-ins
  • COVID: our current plan is to test athletes on specific teams on their first day on campus. This at least provides a baseline. We continue to receive guidance from the NAIA about best practices. If you’re on a team and your coach provides a “show up” date earlier than August 22, that will be your move-in day.


  • Students who do not participate in the sports program can move in as early as Saturday, August 22. You should sign up for a check in time. Differently than most years, this year we’re going to do four time zones: 10:30, 1:15, 4:00, and after 7:30. (The documents on the website and on some handouts say noon, but we’re doing something different.)
  • This window in time is when your student arrives and you/her/whatever entourage you’ve assembled show up. The goal in this is to meter out the day, and therefore hopefully reduce the number of people you’re walking past in the halls and stairways. Yes! you should go to the housing portal and select a preferred time. (This is true of early-arrival student athletes, too.)
(Bookstore Textbook Pick-up open. See ordering instructions).


To be discussed:

    • Saturday evening - traditional Family Dinner at Dining Room, details TBA
    • Saturday evening event - TBD
    • Sign Up Time for Comet Sock Assassins is 7:00 pm
    • Start Time for Comet Sock Assassins is 9:00 pm

August 23

  • there are plenty of churches in Mayville, if you are interested
  • Comet Sock Assassin continues
  • Sunday afternoon event - TBD
  • Sunday evening event - TBD

August 24

  • Monday morning - traditional "Student Success" event - register/enroll for students who are not yet registered - Comet Sock Assassin is suspended until lunch today.
  • Monday 4:00 pm - "Classes Start." (Most freshmen will not have a Monday night course, but if you do, GO TO CLASS).
  • Monday evening event - TBD 

August 25

  • Tuesday morning - attend all classes as scheduled
  • (Staff Development, 3:00 pm)
  • (Students, 7:00 pm, Classroom Auditorium)
    • Comet Sock Assassin winner (if one has been determined) wins gift card!
    • See Speaker info, below:

August 25.pngSpeaker David Coleman is a relationship consultant known on college campuses worldwide as “The Dating Doctor.” He has been honored fourteen times as the National Speaker of the Year – 11 times by Campus Activities Magazine and 3 times by The National Association for Campus Activities and is the only speaker ever to be honored as the National Entertainer of the Year.

David has spoken to more than 2.5 million people in all 50 states, Canada and Europe and another 20,000,000 through his appearances on radio, television and print. Audience members at more than 2,500 college campuses, corporations, conferences, single’s organizations, military installations, churches and civic groups have experienced his energetic and entertaining programs. He has been a featured speaker for all branches of our military service as well as Purina, The Sprint Corporation, Merrill Lynch, The Kroger Co., Federated and Flo-Tork, Inc. and civic organizations such as MOPS (Mothers of Pre-Schoolers), Junior Achievement, Circle K International and Mortar Board. 


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