Residence Life

YOU make the difference.

Welcome to the Mayville State University residence hall system where YOU make the difference! Each of the three halls that make up on-campus housing possesses an individual personality, just like the students who live there. Each hall not only provides residential housing, but also strives to make a difference in the lives of the students in which it serves. Students have the opportunity to extend their classroom experience by participating in an array of recreational, social and educational activities. Add to the quality of your time at MSU by choosing to live in one of our contemporary living-learning centers.
Two traditional residence halls and our newly renovated apartment and suite complex provide coeducational on-campus housing for two hundred students. All rooms are furnished. Residence halls also have recreational, laundry and kitchen facilities.

It's your home.

Beginning in the Fall Semester 2017, Birkelo is the home of the Birkelo Undergraduate Intentional Leadership Development (BUILD) House. Students choosing to live in Birkelo Hall will create a community of:

  • Members of the top ¼ of Mayville State students, based on ACT and/or H.S. GPA Students will share:
  • a commitment to excellence in the classroom.
  • a commitment to on-campus activities, in the form of attending and planning/working at events.
  • a residential space intended to foster scholarship, active discussion, and friendships.

Housing Application

The housing application is completed online. (Additional information here.) Students will apply at New and returning students requesting a housing assignment will be required to pay an application fee and a first housing payment. The application fee is not be refundable, but the first-housing-payment for the fall semester is refundable. 

Note: The application for students starting school at Mayville January 2019 is online now. The application for students starting school in August 2019 is not yet available. We anticipate it being posted between December 1 and December 5. Please check back. 

Students residing in University Housing must provide vaccination documentation per NDUS Policy 506.1. See

Students who live in a residence hall are required to take part in an approved board plan. Information about meal plans will be posted soon. Students may purchase meal plans even if they live off campus. Use the "housing application" link above, and select "Dining Plan" from the tab. 



Moving In

Are you move-in ready? We are.

The residence halls open for fall semester at 1:00 pm the Saturday before classes begin, August 18. You're welcome to move in then, or anytime later in the weekend. Classes begin 4:00 pm Monday for those students with a Monday night class; classes start at 8:00 am Tuesday for most new students. 

List of things to bring

Note: Verizon/Tracfone/StraightTalk have the strongest service for students on campus; AT&T also has service that is usable in the local area. Students sometimes struggle with phone service from T-Mobile or Sprint or those companies that use their mainframe, although the wifi components of your phone will work on the campus wifi. 


When the Halls Close

The residence halls close for Winter Break and Spring Break.

What you need to do to leave before you we close the halls: Sign up with your RA to check out, unplug all non-university electronics, leave your blinds half way down, windows must be closed and locked, Vehicles left over break must be facing the grass in the main Agassiz parking lot; If you are not planning on returning or unsure if you are coming back please:  pack up all of your belongings, clean your room, and give your room keys to your RA.