Moving In

Are you move-in ready? We are.

The residence halls open for fall semester at 12 p.m. noon Saturday, August 19, 2017. You're welcome to move in then, or anytime later in the weekend. Classes begin 4:00 pm Monday for those students with a Monday night class; classes start at 8:00 am Tuesday for most new students. 

You will find your MSU residence hall room furnished with the following when you arrive:

Traditional Residence Hall Room for each room resident:

  • twin bed (regular)
  • desk
  • desk chair
  • closet space
  • dresser unit

Plan to participate in the various get-to-know-you activities and events throughout Welcome Weekend. New students will not only have the chance to meet new friends, but also to learn more about Mayville State. During the fall semester, parents and families are invited to attend a welcome dinner at the cafeteria that is held the Saturday evening before classes begin.

Things to Bring:
The following list suggests items you may want to bring with you that you will find useful and will help you make your room feel more like home.

Desk Items:

  • pens/pencils
  • dictionary/thesaurus
  • stamps
  • stationery
  • envelopes
  • tape
  • paperclips
  • stapler
  • hole punch
  • poster putty
  • scissors
  • rubber bands
  • calendar
  • desk lamp

 Shower Items:

  • shower basket
  • soap
  • bar soap container
  • shampoo
  • conditioner
  • shaving kit
  • shower shoes

 Laundry Items:

  • hangers
  • laundry bag


  • a lockable "foot locker" or some sort of lock-box for your valuables (you are sharing a room with as many as three people you might not know very well)


  • alarm clock
  • hair dryer
  • printer - optional, each residence hall has a network printer
  • television (1)
  • cell phone and charger
  • a doc, speakers, or mp3 (cd/radio) player
  • cooking equipment (kitchenette down the hall for most students)

Note: Verizon/Tracfone/StraightTalk have the strongest service for students on campus; AT&T also has service that is usuable in the local area. Students sometimes struggle with phone service from T-Mobile or Sprint or those companies that use their mainframe, although the wifi components of your phone will work on the campus wifi. 

Note: Linen service and linens are not provided by the University.

  • towels
  • washcloths
  • sheets (twin regular)
  • pillow cases
  • pillow(s)
  • bedspread
  • blankets


  • water bottle
  • pictures of home
  • posters
  • fused surge protector
  • basic tool kit
  • basic first aid kit
  • carpet or rug (rubber/foam backed carpet is not allowed)
  • cards/board games
  • mugs/bowls/plates/silverware
  • fan
  • surge protector (1 power strip)

 Things Not to Bring:

  • amplified musical instruments
  • extension cords
  • pets and animals
  • illicit drugs
  • alcohol or alcohol paraphernalia (including shot glasses and empty alcoholic beverage containers)
  • candles, incense and other flammables
  • appliances with open heating elements (including charcoal grills, hot plates, toaster ovens, and toasters)
  • weapons (including knives, guns, clubs, brass knuckles)
  • explosives