Comet Coneflowers 2018.jpgAugust 1, 2018

Plans are underway for the Mayville State University Farmers Bowl, scheduled for Sept. 8, 2018. For the 16th time, artist and MSU alumnus Doug Anderson, Cavalier, N.D., has created and donated a watercolor painting that will be raffled as part of the fund-raising efforts of the Mayville State University Foundation in conjunction with the Farmers Bowl. Mayville State graduate Kelly Morrison has donated the cost of framing the piece.

Anderson’s work, “Comet Coneflowers,” features beautiful white coneflowers intertwined with blue hued flowers in a peaceful scene on the Mayville State campus.   

“Comet Coneflowers” will be on display at Mayville-Portland area businesses and on the Mayville State campus during the weeks prior to the Farmers Bowl festivities. 

Raffle tickets sell for $5.00 each. They may be purchased at the MSU Foundation office. Tickets are also available for sale online at The drawing will be held at halftime of the Farmers Bowl football game on the afternoon of Saturday, Sept. 8. 

Original artwork donated by Anderson for past raffles includes “MSU’s Guiding Light,” “Last Blooms at West Hall,” “Last Views from East Hall,” “Summer Serenity,” “Historic Old Main,” East Hall,” “Skating at Island Park,” “Old Main in Bloom,” “The Power of Place, Old Main,” “Floral Celebration,” “Tradition,” and “Pride … Then and Now,” “A Tribute to Clenora,” “Coffee On the Deck,” and “Rockin’ Comets.”

For more information, contact the MSU Foundation at 701-788-4864.