Old_Main-web.jpgMayville State University has been named by Affordable Schools to a list of 30 most attractive yet affordable college campuses. The affordableschools.net website listing shows that there are opportunities for freshmen to enroll in college at “elegant campuses in gorgeous surroundings” while keeping costs low, according to the author of the associated website article, Luke Paton. The listing includes colleges and universities from all across the United States, including Florida State University in Tallahassee, California State University in Los Angeles, and the University of Wyoming. West Texas A& M University is first on the list.

Mayville State’s Old Main is specifically mentioned in the Affordable Schools listing, which states “The dominant building on the Mayville campus is the stately Old Main, which was originally constructed in the early 1890s and was the site of the very first classes to run at the school More recently, much of the place has been extensively renovated to bring the facilities right up to date, and the work has included a refit of Agassiz Hall - making the living space for students more comfortable.”

The 30 schools included on this list had to be qualified as affordable - with one or both of tuition fees and total cost of attendance below the national average. The institutions also needed to have campuses deemed by Affordable Schools to be attractive, based on factors such as green spaces, views, and architecturally significant buildings.

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