MSU President's Column for Traill County Tribune

 July 25, 2015 

HPER facility replacement project taking shape


concrete_slab_prep.jpgDid you know that more than 29,000 new bricks will be installed as part of the HPER facility replacement project?

Exciting progress continues to be made on our state-funded HPER project. As you may recall, the project involves replacement of the 1929 Old Gymnasium and expansion of classroom and lab/practice space for Sports Management, Fitness and Wellness, Health Education, and Physical Education majors.

PCL Construction Services, Inc., project construction manager, has been on campus since April 27, when the project began. To date, the 1929 gymnasium has been demolished, and all excavation and backfilling and underground waterproofing is complete. Estimated completion date for the project is March 23, 2016.

south_addition.jpgAs of this week, new underground utilities, steam, storm, and sanitary sewer, power, and water) are 90% complete. The concrete masonry unit (CMU) is complete in the new weight room and HPER lab space. Concrete floors have been poured in the office and classroom space on the east. Concrete floor work in the three additions that make up the total project will be complete by the end of this month.

We reached a milestone on Monday, July 20, when steel structure delivery and installation began. The addition going in where the Old Gymnasium was located will have slab on grade poured over the next two weeks. Weather permitting, all building concrete will have been poured by August 7. Installation of steel columns and beams, joists, and roof deck has begun. This work will be complete within three weeks.

structural_steel.jpgCurrently there are anywhere from 10 to 15 tradespeople on the project site each day. Subcontracting firms working on site include Park Construction (excavating), Precision (electrical), Precision (plumbing), Lundseth Mechanical (steam line work), Customaire (HVAC) Domier Construction (concrete and carpentry), Neset (surveying), Paulson Excavating (hauling soil materials to and from site), Sperle Masonry (CMU and brick), Strand Ready Mix (concrete) and Roden Iron (steel installation).

We are very fortunate that these spaces will remain operational and productive during the time of construction. While there will be some inconvenience for a while, we’re excited for the great new facility that will result. In the meantime, if you have questions or concerns about the project, please feel free to contact Director of Facilities Services Dan Lorenz at 701-788-4676.

Photo Captions

Top: This area located in the addition just east of the Wellness Center is now ready for a new interior concrete slab.

Center: The block walls now show the shaping of the new addition that is located to the south of the main entrance to the Lewy Lee Fieldhouse.

Bottom: Structural steel is in the process of being erected. This is the addition located where the Old Gymnasium formerly stood.