January 21, 2021

Aimee Fafard is taking full advantage of the many opportunities available to her at Mayville State University. A member of the Comets varsity softball team, Fafard is back to finish out her career with the Comets. She regained a year of eligibility after COVID-19 ended the team’s 2020 season just 15 games in. She’ll wrap up her eligibility to play college softball and earn a degree this spring. Aimee is a senior from Dauphin, Manitoba.

Being a member of a team requires constant communication among everyone involved. Aimee doesn’t let the fact that she is hard of hearing hold her back. She’s found that other forms of communication, including hand signals, can make the difference. Elevating teamwork to the highest level, she works closely with her coaches and teammates to make sure everyone is on the same page, and it works.

A business administration major, Aimee hopes to own her own business one day. In addition to playing softball, Aimee is involved in a multitude of campus activities that are helping her to have the best all-around college experience. She is active as a member of the Mayville State Intercultural Club, and together with a Comets Softball teammate, has invested herself in coaching an under-nine Mayville-Portland community hockey team.

Aimee Fafard considers her Mayville State experiences to be once-in-a-lifetime and appreciates the great comradery and support of the campus and community on and off the softball field. We are Comet Proud of Aimee for going the extra mile and constantly striving for the next level of success.

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