MSU President's Newspaper Column

December 3, 2022 

Encouraging prospective students to get on the road to success that begins at Mayville State

We work diligently to get the good word about Mayville State out to prospective students. Mayville State offers great programs, exceptional personal service, and opportunities for involvement, all at an affordable cost. To tie the bow on the package, our graduates get jobs.

As you very well may know, Mayville State began as a normal school where students studied to be teachers and went out to teach in rural schools in North Dakota and beyond. That tradition of preparing teachers for K-12 schools continues and is going strong, and over the years, many other areas of study have been added. We now educate people in the areas of business, science, health, and more.

The shortage of employees is an issue nationwide. There are a number of high-need areas, and Mayville State is helping to educate individuals who can help fill the gaps. One very high-need area is for K-12 teachers of all kinds. Mayville State’s graduates are highly sought-out because of the great reputation established by those who have gone before. Our graduates can expect to get great jobs and be fulfilled in rewarding careers.

Mayville State representatives attended a number of college fairs throughout North Dakota and Minnesota last fall. They are now out visiting with students in their high schools. Add to that the Mayville State coaches who are actively recruiting student athletes for their teams.

We’re rolling out the red carpet for lots of prospective students who have been visiting campus either in person or online during these last few months. We know that when students who are thinking about Mayville State as a possible college home visit campus, the likelihood of them enrolling in the future is greater. Seeing first-hand what Mayville State is all about definitely helps them make the decision.

To help encourage campus visits, we’re waiving the application fee for all campus visitors who intend to enroll as freshmen in the fall semester of 2023.

In addition, those to-be freshmen are encouraged to apply before their campus visit, then bring their high school transcript(s) with them when they visit. While they are out and about learning more on campus, our admission professionals will review the transcripts and may have an on-the-spot admission decision for the prospective student before leaving campus.

We know that the option of reducing the cost of attending college through scholarship awards makes a huge difference. Sometimes it can be the deciding factor in whether an individual is able to pursue higher education or not. Our alumni and friends are extremely generous in helping us to make scholarships available to these students, and we are grateful.

The Edson and Margaret Larson Foundation recently provided an extremely generous gift that will provide very nice scholarships for high-achieving students. They must have a 3.25 or greater grade point average, be North Dakota residents, and have future aspirations to earn a master’s degree and pursue a career in North Dakota once they’ve completed their education. Students demonstrating leadership qualities are encouraged to apply for this outstanding award.

If you know of a high school senior who is currently making plans for next fall, please encourage them to consider Mayville State University. Your help in letting others know about what Mayville State has to offer is invaluable. This kind of support means so much. You can find more information about enrolling at Mayville State at or by emailing

As I think about support that comes in the form of encouragement, I think of loyal Mayville State advocate Shirley Gummer, who passed away last week. Shirley lived and breathed all things Mayville State and loved the opportunity to make connections with people who had Mayville State ties. She served on Mayville State boards and committees, helped to raise financial support, and did so many things to strengthen our university. Mayville State is better because of the work she did. We have lost a dear friend, and we extend our most sincere sympathy to all of Shirley’s family members and friends. I think Shirley will be wearing Comet Blue en route to her next destination.