Shane_Orr-web.jpgThe ninth annual Mayville State University Comet Athletic Club Sportsmen’s Raffle event held Saturday evening, August 29 at the Mayville Armory, generated lots of excitement and anticipation, with the ultimate goal of financial support for Comet Athletics. Proceeds will be used to support scholarships for Mayville State University student athletes. This support is key in attracting student athletes to play on Mayville State teams.

The highlight of the evening was the drawing for 60 guns that were given away to individuals who had purchased raffle tickets for a chance to win. The event was attended by about 300 people who enjoyed dinner and had an opportunity to participate in a variety of other raffles with the chance of winning some terrific prizes.

Tom Moe and Mike Bakken of Mayville emceed the program and kept the crowd in suspense while entertaining them throughout the evening. Sound, lighting, and audio-visual effects provided by HB Sound & Light of Grand Forks, N.D. enhanced the evening’s activities. A cash bar was provided by Mayville Golf Club. Joey Bertrand of Paula’s Steakhouse and Lounge, Mayville, cooked and served the meal.

“We at Mayville State extend our since thanks to all who played a part in the success of the ninth annual Sportsmen’s Raffle,” said Mayville State University President Gary Hagen. “This activity is extremely important to Mayville State, and specifically Mayville State Athletics.”

side_raffles-web.jpgKim Chandler of Galesburg, N.D. was the lucky winner in the special raffle of a Kimber Montana. Those who attended the event could purchase chances to win the opportunity to choose one of three keys that would potentially open a gun lock that was securing the gun. Kim was the winner of the first round and was lucky enough to choose the winning key. Had the key not opened the lock, the raffle would have progressed for one or two more rounds, depending on the outcome of the second round.

Finley Motorsports of Finley, N.D. sponsored the raffle of a 2015 Polaris Ranger 570 all-terrain vehicle. Byron Fossum, Hope, N.D., was the winner of the ATV. Cash consolation prizes were won by Doug Anderson, Cavalier, N.D.; Vernon Asheim, Portland, N.D.; Brian McIntire, West Fargo, N.D.; Gary Morin, East Grand Forks, Minn.; Rick Torgeson, Mayville, N.D.; Rachel Franks, Grand Forks, N.D.; Glen Reistad, Lrimore, N.D.; and Bob Ust, Portland, N.D.

A number of side raffle prizes were also given away at the event. Among the winners were Matt Satrom of Mayville and Devin Johnson of Hillsboro, N.D., who each won $250; and Emilie Kloster of Mayville, who won $500. Marlin Ingebretson, Mayville, won a smoker. Kenn Iverson of Jamestown won a John Deere gun safe that was donated by Valley Plains Equipment. Keith Jacobson of Hope, N.D. won an ice house.

emcees-web.jpgThe Comet Athletic Club Sportsmen’s Raffle is held each year to raise funds for scholarships for Mayville State’s student-athletes. Tickets for the gun raffle are sold for $100 each. A limited number of tickets is sold each year, allowing for a one-in-10 chance to win a gun.

“We are grateful to the many people who purchased raffle tickets and participated in the raffle event activities on August 29,” said Comet Athletic Club board president and Sportsmen’s Raffle organizer Mark Kloster of Mayville. “We also extend our sincere thanks to Tom Moe and Mike Bakken, who served as our emcees for the evening; to Finley Motorsports; Valley Plains Equipment; Thrivent Financial, Sue Strand and Jeremy Strand; Miller’s Fresh Foods; Scheel’s; and the Mayville Golf Club for their support; and to the Comet Athletic Club board members who worked hard to make it happen. A special ‘thanks’ goes out to Chad Hanson of Chad’s Excavating for being our overall event sponsor. With his support, we’ll be able to have an even great impact with student scholarships raised through our event.”

Photo captions:

Top: Comet Athletic Club board member Shane Orr managed the side raffle activity, with the help of Rick Karboviak, another Comet Athletic Club board member.

Middle: A variety of great side raffle prizes were available to people who chose to participate.

Bottom: (L-r) Tom Moe, Mike Bakken, and Comet Athletic Club president Mark Kloster kept the crowd engaged throughout the gun raffle drawing by injecting some humor and suspense.

The winners in the 60-gun giveaway: 

1. Benelli M2 12ga, Neal Johnson, Cummings, ND

2. Howa Kryptec 308, Kim Chandler, Galesburg, ND

3. Ruger SR40, Michael Jordan, Portland, ND

4. Stoeger M3500, Nellie Duckwitz, Pelican Rapids, MN

5. Henry Golden Boy 17, Rick Johnson, Northwood, ND

6. Traditions Buckstalker, Gregg Kaldor, Hillsboro, ND

7. Beretta A300 12ga Blk, Mitch Andrade, West Fargo, ND

8. Ruger LCR, Jake McLean, Hillsboro, ND

9. Ruger American 243, Tim Haux, ,

10. Remington 700 SPS Tactical, Devin Johnson, Hillsboro, ND

11. Browning BPS 12ga, Darla Kalassen, Hillsboro, ND

12. Weatherby Vanguard 30-06, Tom Vettel, Cummings, ND

13. Springfield XD, Nick Woodard, Moorhead, MN

14. Remington ADL 270, Mark Odden, Mayville, ND

15. Winchester SXP 12 ga, Wiliam Walsh, Thief River Falls, MN

16. CVA Optima, Joy Ust McLain, Hatton, MD

17. Ruger 10/22 pkg, Tyler Sletten, Mayville, ND

18. S&W Shield, Eric Nesheim, Mayville, ND

19. Savage Axis 30-06, Colleen Hardy, Mayville, ND

20. Henry Big Boy 44, Tim O'Keefe, Mayville, ND

21. Benelli Super Nova 12ga, Aaron Berg, Hillsboro, ND

22. Savage 111 Trophy Pkg 300win, Jerry Nelson, Hillsboro, ND

23. Stoeger Condor 20ga, Neil Adams, Reynolds, ND

24. Henry Lever Action 22, Rich DePaolis, Portland, ND

25. Springfield XDS, Casey Abentroth, Caledonia, ND

26. Stoeger M3000, Mileah Sailor, Mayville, ND

27. Savage 93 17hmr, Brian Domier, Portland, ND

28. Traditions Buckstalker, Henry Bichler, Hillsboro, ND

29. Ruger MKIII, Tom Stocking, Mayville, ND

30. Winchester SX3 Blk 12ga, Stu Gullicks, Finley, ND

31. Mossberg Patriot 243, Kyle Kaldor, ,

32. Remington 870 Super Mag, Allison Johnson, Mayville, ND

33. Remington ADL 22-250 Pkg, Don Leum, Cummings, ND

34. CVA ML Kit, Kenn Iverson, Jamestown, ND

35. Ruger SR-22, Damon Fendrick, Portland, ND

36. Benelli Nova 12ga, Sheldon Windels, Detroit Lakes, MN

37. Remington 700 SPS Varmint, Rhonda Nelson, Mayville, ND

38. Stoeger Condor 12ga, Harlyn Hanson, Mayville, ND

39. Savage Bmag, Matthew Satrom, Mayville, ND

40. Colt/Walther 22 1911, Russ Anderson, Pekin, ND

41. Browning X-bolt Hunter 270, Eric Knudsvig, Mayville, ND

42. Remington Tactical, Heath Horpedahl, Hillsboro, ND

43. CVA Optima, Brad Papenfuss, Portland, ND

44. Remington 870 12ga, Rodney Frederick, Aneta, ND

45. S&W Bodyguard, Joel Delvo, Fargo, ND

46. Remington 783 270, Mike Hallingstad, Sharon, ND

47. Ruger 10/22 takedown, Nick Erickson, Hunter, ND

48. Remington 870 20ga, Chuck Gulsvig, Moorhead, ND

49. Savage Axis II 270, Kraig Lerol, Portland, ND

50. Benelli M2 20ga, Amanda Jordan, Portland, ND

51. Taurus Judge, Jan Mueller, Munich, ND

52. TC Bone Collector, Marlin Ingebretson, Mayville, ND

53. Winchester SXP Camo 12ga, Lin Arnegard, Mayville, ND

54. Stoeger Condor SxS 410, Bob Thorsness, Galena, IL

55. Henry Golden Boy 22, Larry Amundson, Finley, ND

56. Glock 42, Johnny Jorgensen, Mayville, ND

57. Howa 1500 pkg 25-06, Rick Torgeson, Mayville, ND

58. Franchi Affinity 12ga Blk, Jon Forsgren, Adams, ND

59. Tikka T3 SS  223, Lonnie Nelson, Hunter, ND

60. Browning A5, Lowell Carlson, Portland, ND