Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Fall 2016 Updates?

MSU's Strategic Plan is operational.  Departmental and Divisional Planning is occurring with aligned plans in place in January 2017.

How does MSU's plan align with the NDUS?

MSU's Strategic Plan Themes and Goals align with the NDUS Goals, Objectives and 2016 Directives.

When and where are the next Strategic Planning meetings?  Are they open for anyone to attend even if I am not a member?

All meetings are open to the public and anyone is welcome to attend.

Where do I find the minutes to the meetings and how often are they updated?

Minutes can be found on both the MSU Strategic Planning Webpage and on the Strategic Planning SharePoint site.  Minutes are posted as soon as possible after the meetings.

Is there still time to participate in the survey?

Yes, the survey will remain open until mid-October.  You can find the survey link on the main Strategic Planning webpage towards the bottom.

Who are the members of the Data Analysis Work Group?

Dr. Andi Dulski-Bucholz, Dr. Robert Bennet, Mary Trudeau, Chris Gonnella, Teri Wright, and Scott Parker.  The Group is led by Allison Johnson.

What is their role?

The Data Analysis Work Group is responsible to “sort out” the data provided by all stakeholders from the Strategic Planning survey and pre-service activities. The data will be condensed into common categories and then into common themes. Themes will be provided back to the Strategic Planning Committee.