Masks are recommended but are not required on the Mayville State University campus.

Because we still have high-risk individuals on our campus and areas that are more prone to the spread of COVID-19, there are a few exceptions to this rule.

  • Masks are required in the Campus Health office
  • Programs with clinical requirements that place students or faculty members with vulnerable patients may adopt additional mask requirements
  • An instructor may require the use of face coverings in their classroom and will be required to notify the students of this requirement in their syllabus.

Masks are available in the Campus Health office. A limited number of masks are available.

Should a faculty member choose to require student mask/face covering use in his/her classroom or office, the following statement is to be included within their course syllabus:  

Mask/Face Covering RequirementThe use of a mask/face covering is required in this class. This requirement will remain in place in this class or designated learning space until you are informed otherwise. This is a requirement regardless of an individual’s vaccination status. Non-compliance with this class mask/face covering requirement will result in a student code of conduct violation and associated consequences outlined in the MSU Student Handbook.

*Concerns regarding student non-compliance with a classroom mask/face covering requirement formalized within the course syllabus should be communicated within the Non-Compliance with COVID-Mitigation Protocols link within the MSU Report a Concern website. This will allow for appropriate action to be taken by Student Affairs personnel. 

Mayville State University’s mitigation and policies have and will continue to be influenced by the local mitigation efforts and conditions, the North Dakota Department of Health, and guidance from NDUS. Due to the evolving nature of COVID-19, there may be changes to the policies and procedures throughout the year.