Bookstore Charging to a Third Party

A third party contract must be submitted to  MSU Business Office at least 24 hours (not counting weekends) prior to the time you plan on charging books at the MSU Bookstore.

Allow 24 hours for processing time once MSU Business Office receives the original or a fax from the third party. (NO EXCEPTIONS, PLEASE.)

All third party authorizations/contracts must be in MSU Business Office prior to the designated tuition/fee due date for the semester.

Students can go to the Bookstore with their Student ID on the days specified by MSU to charge their books and/or supplies to their third party authorization.

Students who charge books prior to third party authorization approval may be denied third party processing/payment and will be responsible for any balance not covered by the third party.

Students who charge books/supplies not allowed by their third party will be responsible for such charges immediately upon notification.

Students are responsible for telling the MSU Bookstore they are charging to a third party at the time books are purchased.

Students are responsible for bringing their Bookstore receipts to the MSU Business Office.  If receipts are not given to the Business Office, third party will not pay the charges and the student is responsible for any charges.