MSU President's Newspaper Column

April 3, 2021

What’s the big deal? Find out on April 7!

Super-exciting news for the community and the university will be revealed at an event planned for Wednesday, April 7, 2021 at 5 p.m. It will be held in the Lewy Lee Fieldhouse at Mayville State. We hope you will join us and be among the first to know what the excitement is all about. This could very well be considered one of the biggest things to happen for our community and university. Don’t miss out!

I stand firm in my belief in having strong “town and gown” relationships. I extend these relationships beyond Mayville-Portland and to Traill County and the region. The benefits of aligning priorities and cultivating stronger relationships are many, not only for Mayville State University, but also for the communities, businesses, industries, and citizens involved. Some of the benefits include maximizing capital and financial resources, attracting and retaining the best talent, driving economic development, and elevating the level of both learning and life.

One of the things we hear over and over from our students is how much the kindness of community members means to them. Our students consider the support of the community to be an important factor in their decision to attend Mayville State and the support of community members becomes even more cherished as students make Mayville their home away from home while they pursue their degrees. We are extremely grateful for the role our community plays in the success of the students and the university.

On the flip side, Mayville State University plays a significant role in the economic health of the local community, county, state, and region. Mayville State’s total economic contribution was estimated at $28.4 million in FY1999. This grew to $79.6 million in FY2019.

In addition to the economic contribution resulting from the institution’s expenditures, spending by students contributes to the local economy. Direct impacts of student spending in the Mayville area were $8.8 million in FY2019. The total economic contribution of student spending was $21.8 million. Student spending was estimated to generate an additional $216,000 in tax revenue. This level of student spending would create enough business activity to support about 28 secondary (indirect and induced) jobs.

The university provides community members with opportunities for entertainment, socializing, and cultural experiences, in addition to the educational opportunities offered. We are delighted to have community members join in cheering for the Comets at athletic events and to take part in concerts and theatrical performances, and more.  

We have much for which to be thankful and to celebrate.

Be sure to mark your calendar and join us for an extra-special announcement at the Lewy Lee Fieldhouse on Wednesday, April 7 at 5 p.m. Wear your mask, practice social distancing, and be present as huge news for our community and university is disclosed. We can hardly wait to let you know about something big that will be happening in the near future. It’s important to us that our community friends and business owners will join us on this special day. We look forward to seeing you there!