Taylia Hove.pngApril 15, 2020

Taylia Hove would never have dreamed she’d spend the spring semester of her junior year as a Mayville State student studying remotely, rather than on campus with her instructors, classmates and friends. Remote learning is the mode of delivery colleges, including Mayville State University, have had to take due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Following CDC guidelines for social distancing related to the pandemic, Mayville State University administrators made the decision to move all classes to remote delivery in March. Mayville State students did not return to campus for classes after spring break, but instead began taking all classes online. While the university was well-prepared to make the transition, this was a big change for all, students, faculty, and staff alike.

Taylia Hove, whose hometown is Park River, N.D., has adjusted well and found bonuses in this new way of learning. She explained that her routine has actually remained somewhat consistent, thanks to her class and Writing Center schedules. She is pursuing a major in psychology and minors in sociology and English.

While she attends classes virtually, Hove says, “I attend most of my classes in my pajamas.” That is something that wouldn’t happen if she were attending classes on campus. With a bit of humor, Hove added that this is one of the things she enjoys most about remote learning. … She does not have to “get ready.”

Hove explained that Mayville State professors have been very helpful during this change. “I am constantly receiving emails that remind me to reach out if I have any problems. It is very beneficial to know that I can always email my professors with any questions that I have,” she said.

While she does miss seeing her friends and professors in person, she can do the next best thing - utilize technology to keep in touch.

Hove said that her classes are going well. With the use of Zoom and other technology, she has been able to meet with professors and students and keep track of assignments easily. Support for the students is going strong at “The School of Personal Service,” even if the professors cannot see them in person every day, and Hove has made it clear just how much that means to her.

This change in how students attend class has allowed for more opportunities for students to participate in activities that might be harder to accomplish if classes were still in session on campus.

One thing that Hove says makes her the happiest about remote learning is being able to spend more time with her family. When not hanging out with her family, Hove has been taking the extra time she now has to work on her photography skills.

Although this situation might not be what they had hoped for during their college years, students like Hove are positive and look for the fun things that go along with this temporary new normal. For Hove, these benefits include spending time with her family, taking photographs, and being able to attend class in her pajamas!

 Photo caption:

Taylia Hove and her sister are enjoying the opportunity to spend more time together now that both are studying at home during the coronavirus pandemic.