Student Spotlight: Lexi Carpenter

Lexi Carpenter.jpgMeet Lexi Carpenter. Listening to people and making them feel comfortable are wonderful aspirations for any of us to have, and Lexi embodies them both. She first saw these qualities demonstrated by her dentist Dr. Heather Skari. Her dentist demonstrated what it meant to care and to listen to patients. As a Mayville State University student, Lexi has continued developing this observed art of compassionate listening. Not surprising, Lexi’s time here at MSU has further inspired her to become professional person who specializes in listening and responding to people’s needs. After graduation from MSU, Lexi wishes to become a dentist.

Lexi graduates in May 2021. Biology is her major. Chemistry is her minor. In addition to these subject areas, she will also be graduating with a certificate in Business. Lexi loves the sciences, and that is why she chose to major in Biology. Dental students also need either a biology or chemistry degree in their undergraduate studies.

When not studying or serving on campus in other ways, Lexi works at the Writing Center. This on-campus opportunity for service brings great joy to her.  Lexi says, “The Writing Center brings fulfillment to me because I love helping people.” She understands how “many students struggle with writing, or perhaps lack confidence in their writing abilities.” Lexi believes her listening to and caring for these students helps them “feel more comfortable as they step out of their comfort zones.” As a result, they begin to experience new adventures in writing. Using her abilities to listen and care, Lexi benefits students by making them feel more comfortable.

While Lexi loves the sciences, she also strongly believes in the humanities. She believes her MSU humanities courses complement her science degree. Her humanities courses at MSU are helping her become a more “well-rounded individual and student on campus.” Of course, the science program is also working tandem with the humanities side of her degree. The opportunities afforded by science are providing chances for to use her leadership skills “to shine light on other programs on campus.”

Dentists certainly need to be caring and good listeners. Lexi’s degree from Mayville State University will be helping to make her dream of serving others a reality.

Written by Dr. Carolyn D. Baker, Professor of English