Miranda Petersen Graduation.jpgMarch 20, 2020

After spending four years as a student in higher education, Miranda Petersen has returned to sixth grade! After earning her bachelor’s degree last spring, she went from being a hardworking student in the Mayville State teacher education program to becoming a hardworking teacher at Hatton (N.D.) Public School.

Petersen attended Mayville State University from 2015 to 2019. She graduated in May 2019 with a B.S.Ed. degree in elementary education and a minor in early childhood education. Miranda was a fourth generation Mayville State student, following in the footsteps of her great-grandma, grandma, parents, and many other family members. This family tie combined with the high-level elementary education program made the choice of attending Mayville State easy for her.

Throughout her time at Mayville State, Petersen was given the opportunity to not only study with respected professors, but also to work on campus. She was employed by the Academic Affairs office and the Child Development Programs. These positions helped her meet new people on campus and in the community while also gaining beneficial knowledge for her career in education. In her spare time, Petersen was also involved with the Student Education Association which allowed her to connect with fellow education majors and get involved on campus.

While many memories from Mayville State helped influence her future, Miranda attests that being able to speak at the Honor Society President’s Dinner was one experience that she will not soon forget. Petersen was able to speak to the room of gathered supporters and alumni about the importance of scholarship donations and how each scholarship helps students with financial needs. She said, “Being able to thank those who are generous enough to donate in any way, shape, or form, was important to me.”

Petersen excelled in the classroom. Throughout her time in the education program, each and every class helped prepare her for her first year of teaching in some way. Every course had something to offer, and every professor had insight to share.

She explained that while multiple professors have impacted her life, two stood out - Dr. Kelli Odden and Mr. Jeff Sieg. According to Miranda, Dr. Odden gave the classroom life and was an amazing mentor who truly cared for students in and out of the classroom. Similarly, Petersen said that Mr. Sieg made the classroom exciting with his passion for education and his students. Like Odden, Sieg cared deeply for his students in and out of the classroom, and he was known for giving everyone their own nickname.

“Both Kelli and Jeff are perfect examples of why Mayville State is ‘The School of Personal Service.’ They both showed me the importance of building relationships with those around you, especially with the students in your classroom,” stated Petersen.

Those professors must have made a huge impact on Miranda because when asked what her favorite thing about being a teacher is, Peterson responded with “my students.” She explained that she loves showing up every day to help them learn and develop. “They are all so different, and they each bring something to the classroom environment.”